Monday, December 18, 2006

Outrageous Festive Season Gifts pt 01 - FOR THE KIDS

What would the mega rich buy their kids for the Festive Season? In this week’s entry we’re celebrating the festive season by taking a look at some of the most extraordinary gifts for kids. These items are truly great and will most definitely put a smile on any kids face... and maybe a dent in your wallet...

Rough & Tumble Outpost – $97,510

A fortress of fun! Whether your kids want to climb, crawl, leap or run, the Rough & Tumble Outpost has it all and offers a big adventure, right in your backyard. Some of the play features include a swinging bridge, rock-climbing walls, a look out tower, a jailhouse and even an earthquake landing platform! More than enough to allow any kid’s imagination to run wild. You’ll just need a very large garden, since the Rough & Tumble Outpost is not just large on fun, but also large in size as well.

Fantasy Carriage Bed – $47,000

Fairy tales do come true! Every little princess deserves her carriage, and this one made from wood and fiberglass, certainly seems as if it’s ready to take a lucky little girl on a fantasy trip to dreamland. Handcrafted in England, the Fantasy Coach Bed is made especially for you upon order, and promises to make any little girl feel like she’s living in a fairy tale. To make the lucky little princess feel even more special, the carriage can be fitted with many different interiors with all the magic features you could ever wish for.

Off Roader Vehicle – $32,350

An unforgettable joyride! Every boy wants a car and the Off Roader Vehicle is surely like no other. With leather seats, a radio and dual hydraulic disk brakes, the Off Roader is much closer to what the grownups drive around with and can even top speeds of up to 30 mph. Equipped with a three speed transmission, the vehicle is a joyride waiting to happen and youngsters can even start learning to drive from a very young age. An optional extra you can get with the vehicle is a mini caravan that can be towed around for when your youngsters need to stop over in the garden for a camping adventure. Imagine dad, your son’s car could be just as expensive as yours, with full installments and everything!

Zoltar Fortune Teller – $9,000

Would you like to know the future? Zoltar is a classic animatronic fortune teller found in arcades, with spoken and printed fortunes. When Zoltar senses that you’re close, he’ll invite you to come and ask him a question. With 16 spoken fortunes and 23 different printed fortunes, Zoltar is loads of fun, and can really light up a room with his illuminating crystal ball as he tells you the answer to your question. Gather the friends around and Zoltar could also tell what the future holds for them, which could be an entertaining escapade. Just don’t wish to be BIG, otherwise the same might happen to you as with Tom Hanks in the movie BIG.

Friday, December 08, 2006

More expensive homes - Donald Trump had to do it

Blog Exclusive:

The most expensive home in the USA

It came as no surprise to me when I heard that the most Expensive Home in the US was owned by Donald Trump. The mogal bought the Florida house as an investment and is selling it of for a price of $125 million. Please watch the
video clip of the most expensive house in the USA and judge for yourself if the house is worth that amount. At only $12 million less than Updown court (entry below), you would think that the Trump would have been selling a way more impressive home! But that is purely my opinion. Updown Court has all the extras, but this Florida Home has the view and has the benefit of having the three most important Real Estate value factors: 1) Location; 2) Location and 3) Location.

The Four most expensive homes in the USA

I found this gem, while the copywriters were researching Updown Court. It highlights the
four most expensive homes in the USA. All three looks quite impressive, but it's the Portebello Estate in Southern California's Carona Del Mar the excites me. At $75 million, it is the third most expensive home in the US. To me it offers just so much more than any of the other three houses in this clip.

Australia's Best Cribs

The video might not be as professionally done as the previous two, but that takes nothing away from the splendour of the Fabulous Canal Homes Mooloolaba Australia. Just have a look at the clip below!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Updown Court - Most expensive home in the world

In this week’s entry we take a look at the current most expensive home in the world, priced at $139 million! The house is phenomenal and if you ever dreamt of living in a palace or castle, then Updown Court will amaze you with every square foot….

Updown Court – $139 million

The epitome of luxury! Updown Court is situated only 25 miles from London, and through a pair of large sophisticated iron gates, one can see a palatial construction of immense scale and beauty. The main house consists of four floors; each with its own magnificence. There are also two guest houses which consist of nine bedroom/bathroom suites in total, a security lodge located next to the main house, as well as an underground garage with enough space for a small collection of luxury cars. On a heated marble driveway, one can take a ride up to the house, where a creation with 22 bedrooms awaits you.

First impressions last! When you first open the doors to the main house, marble floors stretch from wall to wall, with staircases leading you to a world of luxury. The house has over 100 rooms, with 58 acres of open space to poise its elegance. Some of the surrounding neighbors include Elton John and also the duchess of York, but its Updown Court and its d├ęcor, such as the gold foil floor in one of the rooms, which stands out from the crowd. Updown Court is also known for the high level of security it offers. There is the security lodge and gatehouse for 24 hour safety, but it is the walk in safe and windowless “panic suite” with a steel door, which provides residents with the ultimate in security features.

Pools galore! Most people would only settle for one pool, but not when you’re living at Updown Court! There are a total of five swimming pools; two are located in closed areas of the landscaped gardens, and the third outside pool is an “infinity pool” located on the roof, with spectacular views across the countryside. There are a further two indoor pools, one reached by its own private lift, which also has its own sauna, a beauty salon and dressing room. The other, a large pool located in the eastern wing. Most of the pool areas even have their own Jacuzzi as well!

An entertainer’s playground! Updown Court is an entertainer’s best asset, since it hosts an array of spaces that present guests with elegance, relaxation and fun. In the basement there is the squash court, built in a glass box so that spectators can watch. For those up for a challenge, there’s the two lane bowling alley and the snooker room, but it’s the 50-seat cinema with a private bar that truly offers guests the best relaxation and entertainment. For formal evenings, Updown Court has a banqueting hall with two powder rooms…

Most of us will never own a house such as Updown Court, but know that you’ve made it if you ever get invited to an evening for dinner and snooker, at the most expensive home in the world.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The First Class Cabin on Etihad Airways

Blog Exclusive:

If you have the exposable cash; fly first class. From this insert you can see a shot of the whole first class cabin on an Etihad Airways flight, en-route to New York.

The cabin is well laid out and has a relaxing cream-colored cabin filled with large LCDs, privacy pannels, to well equiped hidden compartments stocked with all the essentials.
Notice: The image on the LCD screen is actually a real-time feed from external cameras on the plane's nose! You are seeing what the pilots are looking at!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First class luxury - Comparing the top airlines

In this enty we take a look at first-class flying, and realized it’s something all people, from celebrities to businessmen aspire to. The luxurious treatment is definitely extraordinary, and a lot better than flying in economy class. So this week we take a look at some of the airlines that really go out to make their passengers feel like royalty.

Cathy Pacific - approx. $13,000 for long distance flights

Take a nap next to a calming indoor water feature! Cathy Pacific has long been one of the best first-class carriers, and even has their own rice cooker on board (That would be a person, not a utencil). There are only 12 seats per first-class cabin, which are fully reclining seats with. Passengers can order food as many times as they like and for the extra long business trips, Cathay Pacific has also included a shower in the first-class cabin. On board entertainment include television screens, high-speed Internet connections as well as audio and video selections.

Emirates – approx. $10,000 for long distance flights

Service that make long distance flights seem like a stay at a hotel! Flying to more than 70 global destinations, Emirates is well known for their impeccable service, and you can expect nothing less from their first-class service. Their package includes a chauffeured limousine transfer to and from the airport, and once you get onboard the plane; every first-class passenger can enjoy on-demand seven course meals and a personal video system in the comfort of their own enclosed first-class suite, equipped with flat beds and closing doors.

Gulf Air - $5,000 – $10,000 for long distance flights

The most exclusive cabin in the world! With only eight passengers per cabin, the first-class cabin is a luxurious experience with cabin service managers, chefs, nannies and flights attendants standing ready the minute your BMW 7 Series drops you at the VIP terminal. Once on board, passengers are welcomed with a variety of European and Middle Eastern dishes as well as a great selection of vintage wines. To make your flight as comfortable as possible; you can recline your chair and relax, or make use of your own private entertainment system.

Lufthansa – approx. $10,000 for long distance flights

The roomiest first class seat! If it is space you want, then the Lufthansa first-class seats are some of the roomiest you’ll find. The head and shoulder rests are adjustable, and each passenger has their own entertainment system. Passengers flying from Frankfurt can enjoy the private first-class terminal, which has its own cigar lounge and bakery. When you arrive at the airport, the concierge checks your luggage for you, as a Porsche Cayenne drops you right at the plane, on the tarmac. On board cuisine includes caviar and Scottish smoked salmon.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An Ode to Expensive cars

Blog exclusive:

For this entry I thought we should break the norm and go multi-media. I enjoyed this, and I believe you would to: This is a slide show of expensive cars in the UAE. The city of Dubai is said to encompass all that is extravigant and opulent and here is a great example of it.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Untamed Luxury - Hit the open road in an uber expensive bike

There is always a thrill in speed, and an adrenalin rush at every bend! This entry takes a look at a couple of motorcycles that scream with individuality. You never know, you might be the next in line to own a motorcycle that screams with untamed luxury…

Lincoln Mark LT Bike – $300,000

Ever thought that prestige could roar? Built by Orange County Choppers, the Lincoln Mark LT is the result of mimicked key design features of the Lincoln truck. If you ever thought what a truck would look like if it were a motorcycle, then the LT Bike is most definitely the best example we could find! Growling with precision and detail, the motorcycle demands attention whether parked, or screaming down the street. For $300,000 this is 100% sophisticated muscle, and an extremely unique possession since it was fabricated by the masters of chopper design at Orange County Choppers.

BMW Bruiser MK 2 Concept – Price unknown

A look at the future of the two wheel thrill! This year revealed many extraordinary concept designs, but we felt that the BMW Bruiser MK 2 truly captures our imagination. Elements like the twin headlights and futuristic design bring old to new with lots of curves and chrome to amplify the retro concept. We’re uncertain about the specifications of the Bruiser MK 2, but never the less we want one since its design certainly goes beyond the norm, and leaves a great level of excitement within you.

1926 Harley Davidson Peashooter – Estimated $1 million

The classics always remain! It has no brakes, clutch or transmission, but that’s no problem; its how it was meant to be. In the late 20’s the Peashooter raced in many different factory races and could reach speeds of 100mph. Similar to the production series, but with phenomenal weight reduction been done, it is a timeless classic that lead most of the standings while racing in its heyday. Today, the Peashooter is still remembered by those that recognize it as one of the most sought after collectibles, which still looks, feels, and sounds like a Harley, with the only difference being that it has become exceptionally valuable and rare. Certainly, the Peashooter will never be forgotten

MTT Turbine Superbike - $150,000

227mph of pure adrenalin! The MTT Turbine Superbike is the worlds first turbine powered motorcycle in its class, and has already been recognized by Guinness World Records as the “Most powerful motorcycle ever to enter production” and the “Most expensive production motorcycle”. Jay Leno was the proud owner of the very first one, and it is no surprise that it also made its movie debut in Torque. The motorcycle is phenomenal and features a rear mounted camera with an LCD color display, a forward and rear-looking radar detector, and a one touch “Smart Start” ignition. With only 5 being produced each year, the MTT is certainly the most exhilarating 2-wheel adventure available.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Sweet Indulgence - When the Rich has a sweet tooth...

This entry is all abaout luxurious treats. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, then you’ll love these…

Chocolate Sundae – $1,000

Grand Opulence! If you ever thought of taking a drive and going for a cold Sundae on a hot day, be sure to stop at the New York Serendipity Restaurant. This sundae is the grand supreme of all sundaes and is even served with an 18K gold spoon. Every bite of the sundae is sweet luxury and is made with 5 scoops of Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, then topped with Amedei Porceleana ice cream, which is then covered with chunks of Chuao chocolate. The highlight of the decoration must be the 23K edible gold leave, which beautifully boasts its elegance and the tasting sensation you’re about to experience.

Noka Vintage Collection – $850 per pound

Quality time with your taste buds! The Noka Vintage Collection is the dark chocolate fan’s most priced chocolate fantasy, and that’s no wonder since it’s made from a fusion of dark chocolate which have been sourced from select plantations in Venezuela, Trinidad, Cote d’Ivoire and Ecuador. With 75% of pure cacao and 0% artificial additives, the Noka Vintage Collection is also one of the most expensive chocolates in the world, but those who are crazy for dark chocolate wont mind the price in this case; its true value will melt in your mouth.

Chocopologie by Knipschildt – over $2,000 per pound

Multi-layered luxury! Truffles are one of the world’s most popular treats, and the chocolatiers at Knipschildt (Norwalk, Connecticut) are clearly very serious about their truffles. With French black truffle on the inside and using 70% Valrhona cacao blended into creamy ganache to create the truffles, the Chocopologie range is a sweet delicacy. You won’t necessarily find these in stores, and will have to preorder to introduce your taste buds to perhaps the most expensive truffles available.

The world's most expensive PEZ Dispenser – $32,000

Candy with value! Known as the 1982 Astronaut B, this PEZ dispenser never made it into production and is believed to be 1 of only 2 Astronaut dispensers to have ever been created. PEZ fans went crazy when the PEZ dispenser went up for auction on eBay, and recently sold for over $30,000. The other Astronaut dispenser that never saw the shelves has a blue stem and we’re quite interested to see just how much that one will sell for.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

When the Rich wants to Get Away from the Rumble

I decided to devote this week’s theme to all the ladies, and the guys will agree that they too wouldn’t mind a relaxing trip to the spa…

Cing Mondes Spa, Lausanne Switzerland – $1,660 for two nights

A haven of relaxation! Hidden behind the Alps in a garden of natural settings, overlooking Lake Leman, The Beau Rivage Palace is home to the famous Cinq Mondes Spa. Richard Gere and Rod Stewart have once stayed here, but that was long before the Cinq Mondes Spa offered a variety of traditional treatments like Japanese oil flower petal baths and Papaya body scrubs as well as full-body Balinese massages, which have become some of the main attractions among the rich and famous. With 39 Cinq Mondes beauty treatments taken from all over the world, Cinq Mondes aims to relax body and mind, and even features a private suit with its own Hammam (Turkish bath) where guests can soak in the best luxuries available.

Earth Spa by Six Senses, Evason Hideaway, Thailand – $500+ dollars per night

Traditional Thai to balance your energy! Surrounded by tranquil ponds that make buildings seem as if they float, The Earth Spa by Six Senses is a place of meditation and natural healing. Most of the ingredients used in treatments are grown at Evason Hideaway, and ensure that guests feel naturally refreshed. The Spa consists of four treatment rooms with a private outdoor Jacuzzi, a meditation cave and 2 steam rooms. Outdoors activities like snorkeling, windsurfing and fishing are also on offer, for a most relaxing experience.

Evian Bathing Experience – $5,000

The most expensive bath in the world! Relaxation comes in many forms, and last year introduced a more extreme, yet luxurious alternative. Serena Williams was the first to bathe in pure Evian water, and the whole experience is most definitely one to remember. Together with illuminating candles, Champagne and caviar, guests of a prestige hotel in Miami are able to indulge in absolute lavishness. The service is by far unique, and one can only imagine what a thrill it must be to bath in purity.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Future Luxury That Turns Dreams Into Reality

Have you ever wondered what luxuries the near future holds? This entry takes a look at what’s to be expected, and some of them are dream come true experiences, that turn fantasy into reality…

Poseidon Underwater Resort – From $1,500 per night

The world’s first undersea luxury resort! Fantasy movies and our fascination with ocean life; have long manifested a dream within every person to experience what it’s like to live under water. That is about to become a reality! Just off the coast of a private island in Fiji, Submarine engineers are constructing the world's first permanent sea floor resort that will truly capture the imagination of millions of people. The Poseidon Underwater Resort expects to open in a few years, and offers 6-star luxury suites with extraordinaire reef views and a chance to relax in the calmest place on earth.

Virgin Galactic Space Trip – $1.74 million

Another dream comes true! Imagine being shot 63 miles into space, floating weightlessly, and getting a most spectacular view of earth? This sounds impossible, right? Well, forget about becoming an astronaut to go to space, space travel is launching much sooner than you think. In 2008 Virgin will debut its galactic space trips, so that any ordinary person can get a glimpse of the most sought after view in the galaxy. Apparently, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have already signed up for the 2008 launch, which will be the first. You can only imagine their anticipation!

Z-Island Kitchen – Price Unknown
Designed by Zaha Hadid

A look at the future! Although this kitchen might look as if it’s from a movie scene, set in the far distant future, it is actually a contemporary design of what kitchens aspire to becoming. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the Z-Island Kitchen represents an ultramodern and luxurious creation that truly captures the imagination. With kitchens like this, the excitement is ever growing to see what kitchen designs it will influence, and inspire.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh, the Rich has such expensive birthdays

This entry is about birthdays, and features the most expensive party, birthday gift and even most expensive cake. Birthdays are really special, so take a look at what some have done to make it even more special…

Most expensive birthday – $27.2 million

The Sultan of Brunei might have turned 60 this year, but his 50th birthday has to be the most memorable of all. After spending millions on caviar and the best champagne, the Sultan had to go one step further and fly in Michael Jackson for three performances that cost him 16 million dollars. Some of the guests included Prince Charles from England, and when you’re inviting royalty to your birthday you might as well host the most expensive birthday party in the world.

Most expensive birthday gifts in 2006 – Beyonce Knowles’s $1 million car

When Beyonce Knowles turned 25, boyfriend Jay-Z wanted to make her feel extra special, and so bought her a 1959 Rolls Royce convertible with an estimated value of $1 million. The car is iconic and a really expensive gift, but when it comes to gifts Mariah Carey’s has to be the most expensive this year. Mariah was preparing to perform in Madison Square Garden, when Prince Azim from Brunei, presented her with a $5.4 million necklace and matching ring.

Most expensive cake – $1.65 million

Delicious diamonds! Taking six months to create, this fruit filled cake is the proud work of an experienced Tokyo chef. Covered in 223 diamonds and unique patterns, the outside is a sparkling extraordinaire that will dazzle just about any party. Imagine the surprise on the face of your guests when you enter a room with this cake!

Most expensive birthday card – estimated at $56,000

A former art college secretary arrived at her surprise 70th birthday party, and found something more surprising than she could ask for. When former student, Damien Hirst sent her a birthday card, he tried to make the occasion extra special by sending one of his ‘dotted’ paintings instead. On the painting he wrote her a special message, and the painting is thought to be the most expensive birthday card in the world.

Friday, October 13, 2006

In the Luxury of the African Bush

Seeing that the long winter cold is upon us once more, we thought that this week’s entry should be about a place where you can bake under the sun and indulge in an adventure. So this week we’re taking you on an African Safari…

Singita Private Game Reserve - Ebony Lodge – $2,010 per night

Wake up to the sounds of the bushveld (bushy grassland)! In the center of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve in South Africa, the Ebony Lodge is sanctuary of luxurious open air suites on the banks of the Sand River. Surrounded by Jackalberry trees and mountains, guests can view the Big 5 as they roam freely, while being treated to the best in leisure and everyday excitement. When not going on game drives to see some of the largest animals in the African bush, you can relax in the health spa or sip on cocktails under the sun while experiencing the best in African culture.

Londolozi Tree Camp – $1,916 per night

Londolozi is a 34,589-acre safari camp, hidden in the boughs of native African trees. The Tree Camp is a romantic camp with spacious living areas that lead out to a wooden deck shaded by an ancient Ebony tree. Each suite is a private oasis and has its own splash pool, and guests can enjoy Pan-African cuisine on an amazing game viewing dining deck while watching an African sunset in the distance. Some of the activities include bush walks and 2 game drives per day, but it’s the calming atmosphere of the camp, which truly makes Londolozi one of the most sought after safari destinations in Africa.

Royal Malewane – $5, 073 per night, max. 4 people

Relaxation in the shade of Acacia thorn trees and bold panoramic views! The Royal & Malewane suites are surrounded by the untamed African bush, and offer guests the best in an African safari. The reserve’ssuites are the largest of its kind in Africa, and complimentary services include a private butler & chef, private game drives as well 4 massages per suit per day at the spa. When guests are not embracing the bush by foot or going for a game drive accompanied by the only surviving Master Tracker in Africa, they can relax at their suite and experience ultra luxurious living areas that reflect the African culture and its glory.

Ulusaba Rock Lodge – estimated $5000; per couple for 3 nights.

Owned by Richard Branson, Ulusaba is a reward winning private game reserve. The reserve consists of two lodges, with the Rock Lodge being the most phenomenal. The views stretch for miles and guests can experience everything, from open 4x4 game drives to moonlit bush dinners. With the best in world class luxury, and a chance to see magnificent animals in their natural habitat, guests at Rock lodge experience what a majestic experience a safari really is. Ulusaba is also a wedding and honeymoon hotspot, which caters for a most unforgettable day in the heart of the African bush!

Monday, October 02, 2006

The Ultimate List of Sought After Collectables

Have you ever collected items that you find interesting? This entry is all about rare collections that aren’t just astonishing, but also extremely valuable… This is the ultimate collectable items in their respective categories. You might buy them for their sentiment or aestectic value, but these items are great investments. Lock them up in a vault, because their dollar values are guaranteed to just accumulate over time.

The Pond-Moonlight Photograph by Edward Steichen – $2,900,000

A ‘click’ that became a legacy! The Pond-Moonlight by Edward Steichen has become the most sought after photographs ever, when it sold for more than 2 million dollars in February this year. Taken on Long Island in 1904, the photo is a moonlit scene with trees emphasizing a dream like feel. Private collectors have been hungry to own this photograph that became valued for its rarity due to its early demonstration of color auto chrome. Only three copies of the Pond-Moonlight exist today; 1 is owned by a collector, whereas the other 2 are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, and the Museum of Modern Art. Imagine being the owner of a 2.9 million dollar photograph…

American ‘Double Gold Eagle’ coin, 1933 – $7,600,000

One of the most valuable coins ever created! This is one of the most desired gold coins of all time since only 3 exist today. The Double Gold Eagle coin was introduced in 1933 by Theodore Roosevelt to mark the glory of America, which was designed by Saint- Gaudens. Unfortunately Theodore’s cousin, Franklin Roosevelt, ordered them to be returned a quarter century later, only to be melted into golden bars. 2 Coins can be seen in museums, 1 was previously stolen and now belongs to a private collector. The Double Gold Eagle coin certainly maintains its value due to its historical significance and everyone can see its brilliance, just by looking at it!

T206 Honus Wagner tobacco baseball card – $1,270,000

Said to be the greatest Baseball card collectible of all time! In 2000, the T206 Honus Wagner sold for more than 1 million dollars, and is 1 of only a few Honus Wagner cards still in good condition. When Cigarette Company, Sweet Caporal and Piedmont started giving out packets with Baseball cards, Wagner requested that his card be pulled and this resulted in the card being so rare. If you’re a serious Baseball card collector then you might want to add a Honus Wagner to your collection!

Signed copy of "Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)", George Orwell – $26,000

The most expensive signed book to date! Just after the book was published, its author, George Orwell died in hospital and only signed a few copies. Fans of the author have since been craving to find signed copies, and its rarity has grown stronger and stronger. Nineteen eighty-four is a novel that depicts a dystopian struggle and is one of the authors most successful books. The most expensive copy ever sold has the inscription “For Elly with regards, Geo Orwell” in it. There are numerous signed copies by some of the most celebrated authors like J.R.R Tolkien, and if you can get your hands on one of these books you won’t only have a collector’s item, but also an extremely unique book.

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