Monday, August 28, 2006

So Much to Do, So Much to Buy

On Wednesday evening August 16 Maranda A. won $584,588.21 on King Cashalot Progressive!! Apparently, when she won, she screamed so loud that her neighbors could hear her…

So this week, we thought it would be interesting to show you what you could do, and buy with so much money...

Panasonic 103-inch plasma TV - $35,000

Life-size entertainment! With 103-inches of television, any spots game or movie will be an enormous experience. Panasonic is soon to be launching the world’s largest plasma display which delivers more that 2 million pixels of viewing excellence, and you can imagine that, a room with a view just got a whole different meaning. No matter at which angle you’re viewing the 103-inch plasma, you’ll still have a picture perfect view.

Luxury Tree House - $20,600

No more slippery slides and swings, this is what every kid dreams of having. The luxury tree house is made from shipped lapped pine siding, while the log is a real tree that has been hollowed. There are different themes available including a castle and pirate ship, and even adults can appreciate its décor values in the backyard. If you want to spoil your kids with luxury the same way that celebrity Heath Ledger has, then a tree house is the way to go.

7-night holiday in the St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora - $105,000

This is where Nicole Kidman had her honeymoon. At $15,000 a night in the Royal Estate Villa, you can be spoilt with luxury. The villa resembles a peaceful dream, which include an in-room Jacuzzi and private swimming pool. On the private lagoon island, guests have access to a spa, restaurants and a state-of-the-art fitness centre. And since this holiday is all about luxury, guests also have the services of a 24 hour butler.

Titanic Deckchair - $100,000

Want to buy something unique? If you feel like adding a piece of memorabilia to your shopping list then a deckchair from the Titanic will be a most valuable investment. There are only six of these in the world and not only does the deckchair offer the owner a unique piece of history, but also a decorative piece that will spark many a conversation.

Rotary Subwoofer - $25,000

Infrasonic sound! With enough acoustic output to move an open door back and forth, the subwoofer is the first infrasonic home theatre woofer. You can even feel the empty space of a concert hall or the low frequency rumble of wind! To make the rotary woofer more remarkable, it also finds resonance frequencies of walls and ceilings which enhance your sound experience. This is truly the best audio equipment you’ll ever own.

Louis Vuitton Motorcycle - $130,000

This motorcycle was originally created for Mary J. Blige! If hitting the open road is what you’re about, you might as well do it in the most unique fashion. Louis Vuitton and Von Dutch Cycles joint their forces to create this motorcycle which stands out from the crowed in a rumbling manner. The bike is covered in leather and Louis Vuitton logo as well as hand painted colors for a trendy finish.

$5,000 burger experience for 10 people - $50,000

The FleurBurger 5000 experience! What makes a Kobe-beef burger topped with foie gras, black truffles, and Keller’s secret sauce, that go inside a brioche bun so expensive? Well, it comes a bottle of 1990 Château Pétrus served in imported Italian Ichendorf Brunello stemware. The charming experience is available at the Fleur de Lys restaurant and to cherish the pricey treat forever, they ship the stemware and certificate of authority right to your home. This is certainly a feast to remember…

Spaceflight - $102,000

The ultra-luxurious travel option! If you’d like to get a view from the top, then 62 miles above earth should do it. For a small fortune you get to visit space and join an elite group of luxury adventurers that have had the privilege of experiencing what millions of people can only dream of.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Beach Rentals of the Rich - More than just Sandcastles

Grab your swimsuit for this week’s entry is all about some of the most luxurious beachfront rentals.

Golden Conch 5-Star home, Kapalua - $6000 per night

Sleeps 12 guests, 6 bedrooms, 5 marble baths, 2 half baths

This is luxury! Overlooking a quarter mile of crystal white beach, The Golden Conch is an amazing beachfront estate that celebrates every moment of summer. The house even features an LED lighting system that can adapt to the atmosphere at the press of a button and is situated close to 3 world renowned golf courses. Some of the houses luxuries include a sixty-foot long beachfront infinity-edge pool with 24-carat gold accents, 3 beachfront spas and media room with a world class entertainment system and high speed wireless Internet. There’s no doubt that his estate certainly makes summer look exotic…

Thousand Waves 5-Star home, Ka'anapali Beach – $6000 per night

8+ bedrooms, 9½ baths Beachfront Compound on Maui's famed Ka'anapali Beach

Tranquility best describes the Thousand Waves beachfront estate. With its tropical gardens, exotic Indonesian accents and heated pools it serves as a true harmonious place, where the bright green hills of West Maui convene with the breaking waves of the sea. Thousand Waves is a mere walking distance from the best swimming, snorkeling and Whaler's Village shops and restaurants and has includes the luxury of Jacuzzi in master bedroom, indoor gym, billiard room with library and bar, multiple phone lines, Fax, Answering Machine, Computer with email access and big screen entertainment room. Remarkable!

Heavenly Abode 5-Star Estate, Kapalua Resort - $3500 per night

Sleeps 8 guests. 4 bedrooms , 5½ baths

Four acres of tropical paradise! Set in gardens of fruit, Heavenly Abode is a beachfront deluxe situated in the Kapalua Resort. Guests of the resort enjoy a free shuttle service which hosts an abundance of activities. Fine dining, shopping areas as well as a golf academy and tennis club is what you can expect, but the most precious would be the dazzling view at Heavenly Abode. Every sunset is a story waiting to be told. The estate also captures the imagination with two swimming pools, Italian glass-tiled 10-ft. poolside Jacuzzi and central air conditioning. Another breathtaking pastime would be the seasonal whale watching.

Reflections 5-Star luxury, Oceanfront Napili area - $3500 per night

Sleeps 8 guests, 5 bedrooms, 5 baths in waterfront luxury

A sumptuous manifestation of luxury! Reflections is a 11 million dollars seaside estate that mesmerizes each and every guest with its immense tropical splendor. Not only do you experience the wind, the sea and the sunsets, but also 5000 squares of gorgeous views. Every room catches a glimpse of the ocean which includes an office for the business man, a waterfront spa, and infinity pool as well as media room and Jacuzzi. For those that want to feel the healing effect of tranquility, the Reflections Estate even has awaterfall and Zen garden that truly reflects its name…

Friday, August 18, 2006

Fitness for the Fabulous and Rich

Hi, I just came from a trip to Vegas and really overindulged myself, since everything in Vegas is bigger and better. So this week I asked the copywriting department to write about my most sought after workout equipment, to help me get my bum in a more acceptable figure! The Power Plate is my favorite since it requires the least effort to get you into shape…

The Power Plate - $9,850

Getting in shape the easiest way! This might look like a flying machine from a futuristic movie, but in fact this is the latest fitness machine business men and those who need to get a quick workout are raving about. Created by a team of experts in the field of sport science and engineering, the Power Plate’s vibration training gives you a full strength and cardio workout that concentrates on all the muscle groups. In less than 10 minutes you can have a concentrated workout session equal to more than three hours of sweating at the local gym.

ROM “The time machine” - $14,616

A complete workout in just 4 minutes! The time machine is a new and innovative exercise machine that uses two exercise stations to target almost all muscle groups. For an effective cardio and strength workout The time machine has been created to maximize the training session through a combination of elements that focus on the muscles you really want to work on. The machine certainly looks unusual, but has gained favoritism among celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Stephen Spielberg as well as the U.S. Olympic Swimming team and promises exceptional results with minimum effort.

The Stepmill - $5,149

Like working out the tough way? This is the easy way to do it! If you’re looking for a challenging workout that celebrities seem to love, then the Stepmill won’t disappoint you. The machine gives a major calorie bum workout and trainers have claimed that users of an escalator type machine can burn about 1,400 calories in per hour. The Stepmill is great for high-tech home training, especially for the fitness enthusiast!

T9e Treadmill - $6,999

Not just an ordinary treadmill. The T9e is made for the home and has 13 workout programs that can be personalized and customized to suit your needs. Complete with a touch screen LCD that includes the option of displaying different running terrains, exercisers not only enjoy a good lower body workout, but also entertainment at the same time. To monitor your training progression, the T9e comes complete with a Polar heart rate monitor system and even a FlexDock shock absorption system to reduce the impact to muscles and joints.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Instant Messenger (IM) Function on this blog

Few of the readers of this blog started contacting Golden Riviera Group to request certain articles. For that reason I (Rockerfella02) have inserted the "Rockerfella" IM (Instant Messenger) beneath the Cluster Map on the right hand bar. If I'm online, you are more than welcome to contact me by clicking on the block with the "Type here and...". Please edit your nick name before you send me a message.
If you have any suggestions for articles or have questions about it, please send me the private message via the meebo IM. Happy reading.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Take a golf swing in luxury - This is how the rich plays

Here’s a look at some of the most luxurious Golf accessories that will make you stand out right even before you’ve played your first stroke…

Majesty Prestigio Clubs - 2,000 dollars, Fair Woods 1,700 dollars, Irons 6,000 dollars (set)

This is what every golfer dreams of! If you’re in the market for high-end Golf equipment, then the Majesty Prestigio clubs from Maruman Golf is what you need. Maruman means “ripple of money” in Japanese and these super hard fullerene titanium clubs will make your game soar with luxury. Not only do they look like they can deliver an elegant swing, but are crafted to perfection with high-strength steel, unique designs and precision laser soldering. With these clubs, taking a swing at luxury becomes a whole different ball game.

Escalade Golf Car - starts at 15,000 dollars

Cruise in style while swinging it easy. Created by General Motors, the Escalade is a fairway version of the Cadillac Escalade SUV. Imagine taking a ride around the course with stylish Golf car that is powered by a 48-volt electric system! The 4-seater Escalade Golf car can reach 20mph and travel up to 30 miles per overnight charge. Options include a CD and DVD player, leather seats as well as fog lamps and many more…

Damier Geante Golf Bag from Louis Vuitton - 8,400 dollars

This luscious tooled bag is a Damier Geante canvas golf bag from the house of Louis Vuitton. With this golf bag you will not only look like you’ve got a good swing, but will most definitely stand out from the crowd. This golf bag features a zip-up hood, rolling travel cover, umbrella for the rainy days and also numerous pouches and pockets for all the equipment that will make your game of golf a fabulous on par extraordinaire.

John Lobb Golf Shoes - 5000 dollars

If playing Golf means looking good then these John Lobb Golf shoes are out to stun the fiercest of competitors. Made from the finest leathers, these Gold shoes are made to measure and take over 5 months to produce. Step out in style and talk down the fairway with probably the most lavish Golf shoes ever created.

Sunglasses of the rich - From Expensive to weird

Hi, since summer is a time of fun and excitement, why not embrace the sun and hit the beach with the best summer accessory…sunglasses. This week’s newsletter brings you a look at sunglasses that will make your summer a more pleasant adventure, and at the same time make you look and feel like a million dollars.

Moss Lipow – 3800 dollars, Ostrich and alligator sunglasses

Sunglasses from the Moss Lipow collection

After an extensive search for a picture of the most expensive sunglasses in America, we gave up only to discover that these sunglasses are just as rare, as they are expensive. Moss Lipow, who’s a designer that designs with attitude, believes that sunglasses should be an extension of your individuality, created a unique pair of ostrich and alligator frames that stirred the fashion world this year. Imagine being one of the few people wearing a pair of frames so unique, so original, but also an individual expression in every way? We wish we could provide you with a picture, since these glasses sound remarkable...and truly defies the norm.

Fendi - 1300 dollars

Sharon Stones Bulgari Frames

Jessica Alba’s Dior Frame

Fendi is an iconic designer label, and the Italians certainly know how to create a fashion statement. If you’re looking to follow the trends, then this style of frames is in season this summer. Sharon Stone got herself a pair of Bulgari Swarovski sunglasses for about 400 dollars, which are hand made and hand painted. Another celebrity that has opted for more trendy frames is Jessica Alba, who went with Christian Dior frames at 450 dollars. Whatever style you’re looking for, there is something for everyone this summer and like the stars, you can too create your own individual look.

Louis Vuitton - Millionaire sunglasses at 1000 dollars

Are you a millionaire in the making? In collaboration with Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs, Pharrel Williams from The Neptunes and Bathing Ape designer, Nigo, have created the most sought after sunglasses this summer. Millionaire sunglasses are clearly inspired by early gangster films, and celebrities are lining up to snatch a pair of what’s soon becoming, the latest fashion trend. Their a timeless classic and Louis Vuitton is certainly on the right frame with these vintage style sunglasses.

Moss Lipow- Price unavailable

Since Moss Lipow believes that sunglasses should be an extension of your individuality, we thought we’d add these frames as well. Their extremely eccentric and add a creative twist. Moss Lipow is sure to be one of the most expressive designers in the industry, and those that seek their own individual look can certainly count on him to provide you with something extraordinary.

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