Friday, June 23, 2006

Elegant Suites and the beautiful game

Imagine going to the Soccer World Cup to see your favorite team to glory. You think of staying somewhere most elegant when not watching the action. A castle in the German country side might do, but does it present the luxury that will make you feel like royalty?

Living a life of luxury and glamour means that only the most prestigious suites will do. So this week we take a look at some of the most superb hotel suites when supporting the beautiful game. And with Golden Riviera you too could stay in absolute style…all you need to do is play!

Aldlon 5-Star Hotel - $25,000 a night

The Adlon Hotel’s presidential suite is the most exclusive suite in all of Berlin. It cost over 5 million dollars to renovate and is lavishly furnished with Georgian period furniture and exquisite French carpets. Two private elevators serve as elegant coaches taking you to and from the royalty this suite presents and is attached with two other suites that serves as accommodation for guests. Some of the guests that have had the privilege to enjoy the most exceptional elegance are Britain’s Queen Elizabeth the 2nd and China’s President Hu Jintao.

The Ritz-Carlton 5-Star Hotel - $6,307 a night

The Ritz-Carlton Suite is a sophisticated space that represents what it means to enjoy the best. A private elevator, living room with open fire place, dining room and sauna are all embraced in this suite. Exclusivity blended with only the most beautiful surfaces and furniture is what makes your stay such a pleasure. And if staying in absolute style is not enough, the Club Level has a lounge created to delight you with anything you might need; from a dedicated butler, complimentary food and beverage presentations as well as a sauna and a pantry.

The 5-Star Schlosshotel im Grunewald - $3,480 a night

The Schlosshotel is a historic artwork. Hollywood stars and model Claudia Schiffer have all found elegance and superb service at the hotel. Luxurious rooms and marble bathrooms complete your stay. When not embracing the beauty of this 20th century mansion, a Roman style pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, cosmic studio and fitness centre provides you with exceptional relaxation and will make you feel rejuvenated at an instance. The décor at the Schlosshotel truly captures class and captures an ambience of sophistication at the highest level.

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten - $1,287 a night

In its brilliance and charm, the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten is a marvelous representation of a unique experience. The suites portray harmonious colors, precious woods and flawless detail in their exclusivity. The MaxPrivate Vinobar Wine bar provides a distinctive combination of vinothèque, bistro, lounge, restaurant and bar. Here visitors can relax in exceptional class and service as they appreciate the views of Munich.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

There’s money to be made…and everyone is in on it!

The World Cup frenzy is everywhere! Ever since the start of the Soccer World Cup, the beautiful game has even turned into a marketing game between companies from around the globe. The tournament has proved to be the best marketing tool available and everyone is in on it! Whether you’re looking for silver cutlery or imported silk, you’re bound to find a World Cup special to go along with it.

And with a Soccer World Cup theme you can go far…So this week we’re taking a look at some of the products that have gone even further to make money when capitalizing on the interest in the World Cup. At Golden Riviera you too can take the opportunity to make some money…all you need to do is play!

The Ultimate Soccer World Cup desk- 14,700 dollars

This is what every soccer fan could ever wish for. Decorated in your team’s colors, soccer crazy fans can experience every second of action even when working at the office. This is probably one of the most expensive seats at the World Cup, but comes with a 19 inch LCD that provides an exceptional view at least. To capture the noise in the stadium, the desk comes complete with a 350watt sound system as well as a fridge to keep those drinks at perfect temperature. Soccer crazy fans will most definitely go mad for this item, and the manufacture will too… for the profit the World Cup has provided.

TomTom GO 910: 920 dollars

Together with a herd of technology manufacturers capitalizing from the World Cup, this satellite navigation device was released with a free World Cup package that allows you to download instructions spoken by Sven Goran Erickson (England coach) himself. If you’re looking for information concerning the World Cup, the GO 910 has the ability to inform you on soccer points in Germany as well. With a wide variety of navigational equipment available, the G 910 is sure to be at the top of the selling list knowing that it is extra special concerning the extra special features.

Germany’s making the most of it…

In Germany the locals too found a way to capitalize from the World Cup. In Berlin it is almost impossible to find a pizza service without a soccer deal. One pizza place has taken the initiative to add a World Cup special to their menu which consists of a Salami, Atlantic and a Hawaii pizza altogether with 5 LITRES of beer…

Berlin Supermarkets also deemed it necessary to attract soccer tourists with their unique grocery experience. Some of the “specials” on offer are: World Cup potato salad, Soup strikers- soup with soccer ball noodles, Half time pizza with curry sausage, assorted snacks in the shape of soccer balls and players.

FooToo Kit: 25 dollars

The FooToo Kit is ideal for those that are particularly superstitious when it comes to international soccer. This little FooToo doll comes with a number of national emblems and colors so that you can dress your doll in the team uniform of those you want to hex. The doll also comes complete with 5 needles; unfortunately the doll didn’t work when the U.S. played Czech Republic…

Searching the web for Soccer World Cup pages is almost impossible since there is a soccer frenzy that has also hit the search engines. To make it easier for you to get what you’re looking or, the Golden Riviera Group casinos have created a page where you can see all the fixtures, results and standings that you may require during the tournament. There’s also a promotion running where you can win big!

Keep an eye on all Golden Riviera Group casinos for the World Cup Mania promotions. There will be a lot of Soccer World Cup information as well as great prizes.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Soccer: There's money to be made...

When you take the action of the Super Bowl, combine it with a period of 64 matches, and multiply it by about 1.4 billion global viewers, it’s easy to understand the impact of the 2006 Soccer World Cup tournament.

Not only does it mean that the beautiful game is more glamorous than any other sporting event, but that the tournament creates exceptional brand exposure for all companies involved.

So, this week we take a look at some of the brands and companies who have gone the extra mile to get their names across the globe. In the world of business it takes money to make money…

The right to broadcast…

Univision, a Spanish broadcaster, holds the Spanish-language broadcaster rights in the U.S. The network paid 150 million dollars for the rights to the ’02 and ’06 World Cups and has sold almost 130 million dollars in advertising space for this tournament. Their revenue is expected to climb to an estimated 180 million dollars. The broadcasting rights to the 2010 and 2014 tournaments will cost Univision a small fortune of about 325 million dollars.

Sponsors of the Soccer World Cup…

FIFA has partnered with 15 companies as official sponsors for this year’s soccer event. From the likes of Budweiser, Coca-Cola, Yahoo, Continental and Mc’ Donald’s have all paid between 38 and 63 million dollars to get their names associated with the tournament. ADIDAS, who is the provider of the official World Cup soccer ball has spent an estimated 200 million dollars on marketing and expects to gain 1.5 billion in soccer sales during the 2006 Soccer World Cup Tournament.

Budweiser and the German locals…

Warren Buffet, the biggest shareholder of Budweiser, who is worth 42.9 billion and also the second richest man in the world, saw an opportunity in this year’s World Cup when they became one of the official sponsors. Becoming the only official beer at the tournament means that Germany, who is one of the largest beer drinking and producing nations in the world, will be helping Budweiser achieve exceptional sales and brand exposure. However, some of the locals had mixed emotions about this, and so a second beer had to be added to keep everyone happy.

Samsung Mobile limited edition…

Samsung, a Korean phone maker, took the initiative to launch a limited edition phone which is also the English team’s phone. The E 370 comes pre-loaded with the characteristic three lions wallpaper and video clips of David Beckham’s free kicks and other celebrated moments in England’s soccer history. Samsung wishes to gain effective brand exposure in the British market seeing that the 2006 Soccer World Cup has created the ideal platform to boost almost any brand. It is believed that global companies will spend more than 1 billion dollars promoting their brands throughout the event.
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