Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Weird Expensive Watches 2007

In this entry we take a look at some really unusual watches! And if you want to stand out from the crowd with a unique watch that says it all, then you might want to take a look at these...telling the time will never be the same again!

Jacob $ Co. Quenttin Watch – Approximately $10,000

Bizarre, yet beautiful! Made in the style of a 60’s cassette player, the limited edition Jacob & Co. watch seems as if it’s been brought back from an age that knew of no limits! The Quenttin does everything you’d expect from a watch, and has no other special abilities apart from displaying the time on vertical rolls powered by a tiny engine. Although the bezel and cage are made from a choice of White, Rose Gold or Platinum, the Quenttin will mostly be remembered for its weird characteristics; which could very well be described as those of a mechanism James Bond uses to deciphers passwords and unlock doors!

Solsuno watch - approximately $500-$600

138 LED’s in a watch! Some say that if you see this watch from a distance in the dark, you will think it’s a flying causer, but don’t run away! The brightly colored lights are only the 138 LED’s built into the watch, which indicate the time, day, month and year! This watch from Solsuno is definitely not average, but reading the time might take some time getting used to since each little LED represent a different function.

Seiko – $2,000

The world’s first electronic paper watch! What makes this watch so unusual is the display! It’s not LED, nor is it TFT, but a microcapsule electrophoretic display which consists of pure white and black particles! Developed by Seiko Watch Company and Seiko Epson, the watch has a large screen with twice the clarity of a normal LCD! It is believed that only a couple of hundred watches were made, which means that you’ll be able to wear something truly unique!

Hammerhead 201 – $50,000

Anything is possible! If you ever see an advert for a watch that says it has some of the most unique features, don’t believe it, it’s not a Hammerhead 201! Recently launched by Urwerk, the Hammerhead 201 is easily the oddest looking watch out there, but certainly one of the watches with the most unique functions! Some of the features include hour satellites, but adds in telescopic minute hands that adjust their lengths as they follow the minutes and then retract. On the back of the watch there’s an oil change indicator, and also the world’s first horological odometer which keeps track of the total time of use for over a 100 years!

Some of the Most Expensive Pets in the World!

In this week’s entry we take a look at some of the most pets in the world! If you ever thought of owning a pet with a difference, then all you need is a small fortune, since these rare and wonderful animals are much more than just a bundle of fun!

Hyacinth Macaws – $20,000 a pair

Get a feathered friend! Macaws are known for their big personalities, and the Hyacinth Macaw is no different, apart from the fact that they’re super rare and mighty expensive! Being the largest Macaw in the world, the Hyacinth has a wing span of about four feet, and can grow up to 40 inches long, so you might want to get a very large cage. Decorated in beautiful and bright colors, the Hyacinth Macaws can easily be domesticated, but require all the attention they can get from their new flock. That’s you and your family of course!.

Lavender Albino Ball Python - $40,000

Although it looks like one of the most striking snakes in the world, the Lavender Albino Ball Python with its ruby red eyes, and lavender color and bright yellow pattern, is actually quite harmless and one of the rarest and most expensive snakes in the world. The value of the snake is determined by how pretty the colors are, and you could easily dish out over $100,000 for a pair if you were keen on breeding.

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog - up to $5,000

So ugly it’s cute! The Chinese Crested hairless Dog is an entertaining companion, and also one of the rarest breeds in the world! Because they’re hairless, you’ll need to give them extra attention on a sunny day, as they’re well known to get sun burnt. But being hairless is not entirely a bad thing when you’re a dog, since Chinese Crested hairless Dogs are virtually odorless and flea less!

Savannah Cats - up to $10,000

Hybrid, but still in a league of its own! Savannah Cats are a unique breed between exotic African Serval and smaller domestic cats. The breeding process is extremely delicate and presents many difficulties, which is why these felines are so expensive and rare. Keeping these cats is a fun experience, since they’re extremely active and playful.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

La Modernista Diamonds – The most expensive pen in the world


At $265,000 you’d better be signing a billion dollar merger deal, a multi-million dollar recording contract or sign the register at your wedding to Manhattan’s most eligible bachelor / bachelorette!

The La Modernista Diamonds is a creation of Swiss company Caran d’Arche who made the pen as an ode to the late architect Antonio Gaudi. This one-of-a-kind, rhodium-coated, solid silver pen has an 18-carat gold pen tip and is pave set with 5,072 diamonds and 96 half-cut rubies.

When the lucky owner bought this at Harrods, London in 2002 for $265,000, the masterpiece was given the title of being the most expensive pen in the world!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Who wants to be a Billionaire celebutant? - From Paris and Nicky to Amanda Hearst

In this entry we take a look at a couple of billion dollar heiresses, who are either at the top of every major Hollywood party list, or creating headlines in some other way! Yet, all of them still have one thing in common - they all love to spend daddy’s money!

Paris and Nicky Hilton – Inheritance to be worth an estimated $80 million collectively.

The simple life! As great-grand daughters of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain, Paris and Nicky Hilton are amongst some of the most popular heiresses due to their exuberant lifestyles. Continuously making the headlines, these Hilton sisters are associated to big Hollywood names and flashy parties that have also granted them their high profile status! It’s been estimated that Paris earned $7 million in the past year, mostly for attaching her name to various fashion items and a video game. Nicky on the other hand, has kept a much lower profile than her older sister and has her own clothing line, Chick by Nicky Hilton, and has also announced that she too will follow her great-grand father’s footsteps with the opening of her own chain of hotels, called Nicky O Hotels.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Inheritance to be worth an estimated $580 million

One of the favorites! Although she’s the daughter of French Billionaire Gerard Louis-Dreyfus, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is best known for her frequent television shows, especially when she played Elaine in Seinfeld. Her onscreen reputation has rewarded her with an Emmy and a Golden Globe award, which has completely outshined the fact that she’ll inherit almost $600 million one day. Unlike most heiresses, Julia Louis-Dreyfus has taken the opportunity to make her own fortune without the help of her billion dollar father, and has even fronted as a comedienne on Saturday Night Live!

Georgina Bloomberg – Worth of inheritance more than $1.5 Billion

The bloom of riches! Her father, media mogul, Michael Bloomberg, is currently the mayor of New York, and also the 94th richest person in the world, but still that doesn’t get in the way of this ambitious 23 year old equestrian! Georgina Bloomberg is a two-time gold medalist at the North American Young Rider’ Championship, and has also competed at the World Championship! Collectively she has earned almost $300,000 from competitions and hopes to compete in the 2008 Olympics! She could very well have contributed to the tabloids as a celebrity heiress, but instead Georgina clearly prefers to create a buzz of her own.

Amanda Hearst - Worth of inheritance more than $2 billion

The blue-blood society’s new “It” girl! She has long surpassed the likes of Paris Hilton, and is making it clear that she’s the new premier of every high profile guest list! Amanda Hearst is the great-grand daughter of publishing tycoon William Randolph Hearst, and even has four uncles who made it to the annual list of the 400 hundred richest people in America! No wonder she spends over 130,000 dollars a year shopping for clothes, make-up and luxury vacations! The 22 year old student and model has such a high profile, that Hearst Corp.'s own Harper's Bazaar ran an article highlighting her exuberant lifestyle and shopping rituals.

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Most expensive fakes in the world

In this week’s newsletter we take a look at some of the most expensive fakes in the world. Even though these items are fakes, they still remain extremely valuable and have become rare collectables due to their fame! Come and play spot the real 'McCoy' with us

Most expensive fake coin in the world – $250,000

A Deka or not, it’s still so expensive, it’s priceless. When the Carchemish-hoard, buried in 425 B.C., was discovered it contained more than 3000 coins and also 15 Athenian Dekadrachms. Some of the Dekas came in possession of the Classic Numismatic Group (CNG), a world renowned ancient coin seller. When trying to establish the authenticity of one of the coins, it was revealed that the coin was in fact, a fake. After numerous tests by the International Bureau for the Suppression of Counterfeit Coins to be certain, a ‘condemnation-certificate’ was issued. This awarded the Deka with the title of most expensive fake coin ever!

Most expensive fake wine bottles - Over $100,000 each

A toast to forged wine bottles! In 1985 more than a dozen of vintage wine bottles were found in a walled-up cellar in Paris. Four of the bottles; a 1784 and 1787 Château Lafite, and a 1784 and 1787 Château Branne-Mouton, were bought by a billionaire wine collector in Florida. When the Boston Museum of Fine Arts asked the billionaire wine collector to prove the authenticity of the four bottles, a team of former intelligence agents, wine and glass experts, and even a nuclear physicist, concluded that all the bottles apart from the 1787 Lafite were fakes. This made the bottles the most expensive fake bottles of wine in history.

Most expensive fake painting – Value unknown, estimated to be well over $1 million

A painting with quite a story! Known as one of the most dramatic art scams in history, was the forgery of a Vermeer painting by H. van Meegeren, an average Dutch artist. In 1937 a respectable art historian was approached by a lawyer who claimed to be the trustee of a Dutch family estate, and was asked to take a look at a painting. The art historian quickly disputed its authenticity after a short examination, and labeled it a fake. The scam created such a stir in the art world that its fame has made it one of the most expensive fake paintings today! Apparently this is not the only valuable forgery created by H. van Meegeren.

The Messiah - $20 million

Playing a false note? The most celebrated Stradivarius violin in the world was allegedly found fake, after a conservator of musical instruments at the Metropolitan Museum had a close look at it. Although this was never proved, the American Violin Association hasn’t disapproved the allegations either, generating doubts whether the violin is real or fake. The Messiah is one of the most valuable Stradivarius violins because it has never been used in a performance and still in mint condition. All extremely admiring if it is indeed the real McCoy?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

'The Help': Making the lives of the rich and Famous more comfortable

In this week’s newsletter we take a look at some of the people who cater for the rich and famous' each and every whim and make sure that their lives run smoothly. They are the assistants to the wealthy stars, and even get to experience the glamorous lives of the rich and famous.

Butler – earns $100,000 or more per annum.

Taking care of things! You’re a hip hop star or busy executive, and don’t want to answer your own door, then a butler will suit your lifestyle perfectly. A lot of movies have portrayed the role of the butler, but what they don’t show is just how glamorous such a career could be. Imagine; you could meet some of the most influential people in the world if your boss was a high profile celebrity or even a well known entrepreneur, and don’t forget about driving around in luxury cars. A butler is the one person that takes care of your household, the front house manager that ensures that you, your guests, and home are taken care of at all times.

Celebrity Personal Assistant – earns over $120,000 per annum.

A job most people can only dream of! Being a celebrity personal assistant your job is to help your celebrity plan their schedule, screen phone calls and even plan parties. It is a fast pace career since you’re always traveling, going to special events and ensuring that your celebrity boss gets everything they need. Some of the perks include meeting famous people and receiving VIP treatment, as well as going behind the scenes of film shoots. Madonna and Angelina Jolie each have their own personal assistants, who get to experience their glamorous lifestyles and live like stars at the same time.

Private Chef – Earns between $125,000 and $250,000 per annum.

Cooking for the stars! Hip hop star Jay-Z once hired a private chef to cook over 100 chicken wings for him and his friends a night! Gwyneth Paltrow on the other hand, got herself two chefs - one for sweets and one for savory – to help her with her macrobiotic diet! If you’re a celebrity with a busy lifestyle or want someone to cook you diet specific meals, then get yourself a personal chef that you can even take with you when going on holiday. Celebrities tend to get fussy about their food since most of them can afford the best, and that’s when they go for personal chefs to satisfy their craving for something luxurious. The chef not only cooks the meals, but also does the shopping and cleaning afterwards. A nice way to have anything you want at any time you want it!

Nanny – Earns $100,000 per annum plus benefits.

Taking care of the kids! Celebrity moms always get nannies to look after the kids when their away on work and being a nanny means that you have to feed, dress, bath, do laundry and take the kids to school. Although looking after someone else’s kids does not seem like fun, the paid holidays, own cell phone, gym membership and vehicle along with a big salary and a chance to meet famous people, definitely makes up for it. Abbie Gibson had the opportunity to look after David and Victoria Beckham’s kids in 2005, and not only traveled around with them, but also a stole the spotlight on a few occasions.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Outrageous Festive Season Gifts pt 02 - FOR THE LADIES

I've just come back from my Holidays, and realised I did not post Pt2 of the Outrageous Festive Season gifts. Here is it now...

The festive season is at full bloom, and the cheer just keeps on growing! I hope you’re having a great festive season so far!

This entry is about some of the most expensive gifts for ladies this festive season. These gifts will make any lady feel very very special! So guys, if you’ve got the budget, here’s the catalogue…

Le Chocolate Collection – $1.5 million

A blend of luxury! What do you get when you take a box of chocolates and add a couple of pieces of jewelry? You get the ultimate gift box containing every lady’s two most favorite things. The Le Chocolate Collection created by Simons Jewelers consists of gourmet chocolates from Lake Forest Confections and a collection of expensive jewelry, which include a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet decorated with precious diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. At first the gift box looks just like any other box of chocolates, but as soon as it’s opened, a display of dazzling jewels come to life, which are of course accompanied by delicious chocolates to add a sweet taste of luxury.

Buckingham Hotel Holiday Package – $75,000

A festive trip for two! If taking your loved one on a memorable trip for two, is what you consider the ideal gift, then the Holiday Package from Buckingham Hotel in New York, will prove most memorable. The 2 day package includes the use of a white vintage Rolls Royce that will take you from the Martinelli Penthouse to anywhere in New York. You can also enjoy a private lunch at the Rock Center Café, followed by a private skating session at Rockefeller Center. Once you’ve finished expressing your figure skating talents, you then get into a helicopter for a three hour air tour that includes white truffle snacks and spectacular views of the festivities in Rockefeller Center. After the air tour, a couple of gifts will await you in the Penthouse, just as a reminder of the wonderful experience.

2006 Bentley Continental GT – $160,000

A gift that keeps on giving you goose bumps! David Beckham is known for giving Posh a festive car every year, so why shouldn’t every guy with $160 000 to spare do the same? The ultra luxurious Bentley Continental GT is the epitome of coupe engineering and this high performance 6.0 liter W12 552 horse power sportster will make any person scream, faint, wake up, and then faint again, when being presented with a gift like this. The finishes of the Bentley are luscious and will most definitely make the driver feel like royalty each and every time they get behind the wheel.

Vail Blanket Grimaud – $2,850

When she needs more space! The new Vail Blanket Grimaud from Louis Vuitton is big enough to be either used as a handbag or as a piece of luggage. Made from lamb’s wool and cashmere with a black calfskin trim, the bag is certainly a warm and furry item, which could even protect you from a winter chill. Complete with a padlock to keep the contents safe, the bag also has double rolled leather handles that can be held together by a buckled strap, for easy carrying. Louis Vuitton handbags have long been seen as the most desired designer handbags, and this one undeniably adds a little festive cheer to the existing collection.
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