Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First class luxury - Comparing the top airlines

In this enty we take a look at first-class flying, and realized it’s something all people, from celebrities to businessmen aspire to. The luxurious treatment is definitely extraordinary, and a lot better than flying in economy class. So this week we take a look at some of the airlines that really go out to make their passengers feel like royalty.

Cathy Pacific - approx. $13,000 for long distance flights

Take a nap next to a calming indoor water feature! Cathy Pacific has long been one of the best first-class carriers, and even has their own rice cooker on board (That would be a person, not a utencil). There are only 12 seats per first-class cabin, which are fully reclining seats with. Passengers can order food as many times as they like and for the extra long business trips, Cathay Pacific has also included a shower in the first-class cabin. On board entertainment include television screens, high-speed Internet connections as well as audio and video selections.

Emirates – approx. $10,000 for long distance flights

Service that make long distance flights seem like a stay at a hotel! Flying to more than 70 global destinations, Emirates is well known for their impeccable service, and you can expect nothing less from their first-class service. Their package includes a chauffeured limousine transfer to and from the airport, and once you get onboard the plane; every first-class passenger can enjoy on-demand seven course meals and a personal video system in the comfort of their own enclosed first-class suite, equipped with flat beds and closing doors.

Gulf Air - $5,000 – $10,000 for long distance flights

The most exclusive cabin in the world! With only eight passengers per cabin, the first-class cabin is a luxurious experience with cabin service managers, chefs, nannies and flights attendants standing ready the minute your BMW 7 Series drops you at the VIP terminal. Once on board, passengers are welcomed with a variety of European and Middle Eastern dishes as well as a great selection of vintage wines. To make your flight as comfortable as possible; you can recline your chair and relax, or make use of your own private entertainment system.

Lufthansa – approx. $10,000 for long distance flights

The roomiest first class seat! If it is space you want, then the Lufthansa first-class seats are some of the roomiest you’ll find. The head and shoulder rests are adjustable, and each passenger has their own entertainment system. Passengers flying from Frankfurt can enjoy the private first-class terminal, which has its own cigar lounge and bakery. When you arrive at the airport, the concierge checks your luggage for you, as a Porsche Cayenne drops you right at the plane, on the tarmac. On board cuisine includes caviar and Scottish smoked salmon.

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