Thursday, November 16, 2006

When the Rich wants to Get Away from the Rumble

I decided to devote this week’s theme to all the ladies, and the guys will agree that they too wouldn’t mind a relaxing trip to the spa…

Cing Mondes Spa, Lausanne Switzerland – $1,660 for two nights

A haven of relaxation! Hidden behind the Alps in a garden of natural settings, overlooking Lake Leman, The Beau Rivage Palace is home to the famous Cinq Mondes Spa. Richard Gere and Rod Stewart have once stayed here, but that was long before the Cinq Mondes Spa offered a variety of traditional treatments like Japanese oil flower petal baths and Papaya body scrubs as well as full-body Balinese massages, which have become some of the main attractions among the rich and famous. With 39 Cinq Mondes beauty treatments taken from all over the world, Cinq Mondes aims to relax body and mind, and even features a private suit with its own Hammam (Turkish bath) where guests can soak in the best luxuries available.

Earth Spa by Six Senses, Evason Hideaway, Thailand – $500+ dollars per night

Traditional Thai to balance your energy! Surrounded by tranquil ponds that make buildings seem as if they float, The Earth Spa by Six Senses is a place of meditation and natural healing. Most of the ingredients used in treatments are grown at Evason Hideaway, and ensure that guests feel naturally refreshed. The Spa consists of four treatment rooms with a private outdoor Jacuzzi, a meditation cave and 2 steam rooms. Outdoors activities like snorkeling, windsurfing and fishing are also on offer, for a most relaxing experience.

Evian Bathing Experience – $5,000

The most expensive bath in the world! Relaxation comes in many forms, and last year introduced a more extreme, yet luxurious alternative. Serena Williams was the first to bathe in pure Evian water, and the whole experience is most definitely one to remember. Together with illuminating candles, Champagne and caviar, guests of a prestige hotel in Miami are able to indulge in absolute lavishness. The service is by far unique, and one can only imagine what a thrill it must be to bath in purity.

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