Friday, December 08, 2006

More expensive homes - Donald Trump had to do it

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The most expensive home in the USA

It came as no surprise to me when I heard that the most Expensive Home in the US was owned by Donald Trump. The mogal bought the Florida house as an investment and is selling it of for a price of $125 million. Please watch the
video clip of the most expensive house in the USA and judge for yourself if the house is worth that amount. At only $12 million less than Updown court (entry below), you would think that the Trump would have been selling a way more impressive home! But that is purely my opinion. Updown Court has all the extras, but this Florida Home has the view and has the benefit of having the three most important Real Estate value factors: 1) Location; 2) Location and 3) Location.

The Four most expensive homes in the USA

I found this gem, while the copywriters were researching Updown Court. It highlights the
four most expensive homes in the USA. All three looks quite impressive, but it's the Portebello Estate in Southern California's Carona Del Mar the excites me. At $75 million, it is the third most expensive home in the US. To me it offers just so much more than any of the other three houses in this clip.

Australia's Best Cribs

The video might not be as professionally done as the previous two, but that takes nothing away from the splendour of the Fabulous Canal Homes Mooloolaba Australia. Just have a look at the clip below!

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Unknown said...

Fabulous! But is only for the rich and famous. Here's another site you might want to look at that has the list of most expensive homes like what you have in here. Thanks!

Most Expensive Real Estate

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