Monday, December 18, 2006

Outrageous Festive Season Gifts pt 01 - FOR THE KIDS

What would the mega rich buy their kids for the Festive Season? In this week’s entry we’re celebrating the festive season by taking a look at some of the most extraordinary gifts for kids. These items are truly great and will most definitely put a smile on any kids face... and maybe a dent in your wallet...

Rough & Tumble Outpost – $97,510

A fortress of fun! Whether your kids want to climb, crawl, leap or run, the Rough & Tumble Outpost has it all and offers a big adventure, right in your backyard. Some of the play features include a swinging bridge, rock-climbing walls, a look out tower, a jailhouse and even an earthquake landing platform! More than enough to allow any kid’s imagination to run wild. You’ll just need a very large garden, since the Rough & Tumble Outpost is not just large on fun, but also large in size as well.

Fantasy Carriage Bed – $47,000

Fairy tales do come true! Every little princess deserves her carriage, and this one made from wood and fiberglass, certainly seems as if it’s ready to take a lucky little girl on a fantasy trip to dreamland. Handcrafted in England, the Fantasy Coach Bed is made especially for you upon order, and promises to make any little girl feel like she’s living in a fairy tale. To make the lucky little princess feel even more special, the carriage can be fitted with many different interiors with all the magic features you could ever wish for.

Off Roader Vehicle – $32,350

An unforgettable joyride! Every boy wants a car and the Off Roader Vehicle is surely like no other. With leather seats, a radio and dual hydraulic disk brakes, the Off Roader is much closer to what the grownups drive around with and can even top speeds of up to 30 mph. Equipped with a three speed transmission, the vehicle is a joyride waiting to happen and youngsters can even start learning to drive from a very young age. An optional extra you can get with the vehicle is a mini caravan that can be towed around for when your youngsters need to stop over in the garden for a camping adventure. Imagine dad, your son’s car could be just as expensive as yours, with full installments and everything!

Zoltar Fortune Teller – $9,000

Would you like to know the future? Zoltar is a classic animatronic fortune teller found in arcades, with spoken and printed fortunes. When Zoltar senses that you’re close, he’ll invite you to come and ask him a question. With 16 spoken fortunes and 23 different printed fortunes, Zoltar is loads of fun, and can really light up a room with his illuminating crystal ball as he tells you the answer to your question. Gather the friends around and Zoltar could also tell what the future holds for them, which could be an entertaining escapade. Just don’t wish to be BIG, otherwise the same might happen to you as with Tom Hanks in the movie BIG.

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Great post for the kids. The Fantasy Carriage Bed is looks wonderful. Thanks a bunch for sharing. Keep blogging. Looking forward to reading your next post.

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