Monday, October 02, 2006

The Ultimate List of Sought After Collectables

Have you ever collected items that you find interesting? This entry is all about rare collections that aren’t just astonishing, but also extremely valuable… This is the ultimate collectable items in their respective categories. You might buy them for their sentiment or aestectic value, but these items are great investments. Lock them up in a vault, because their dollar values are guaranteed to just accumulate over time.

The Pond-Moonlight Photograph by Edward Steichen – $2,900,000

A ‘click’ that became a legacy! The Pond-Moonlight by Edward Steichen has become the most sought after photographs ever, when it sold for more than 2 million dollars in February this year. Taken on Long Island in 1904, the photo is a moonlit scene with trees emphasizing a dream like feel. Private collectors have been hungry to own this photograph that became valued for its rarity due to its early demonstration of color auto chrome. Only three copies of the Pond-Moonlight exist today; 1 is owned by a collector, whereas the other 2 are on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York, and the Museum of Modern Art. Imagine being the owner of a 2.9 million dollar photograph…

American ‘Double Gold Eagle’ coin, 1933 – $7,600,000

One of the most valuable coins ever created! This is one of the most desired gold coins of all time since only 3 exist today. The Double Gold Eagle coin was introduced in 1933 by Theodore Roosevelt to mark the glory of America, which was designed by Saint- Gaudens. Unfortunately Theodore’s cousin, Franklin Roosevelt, ordered them to be returned a quarter century later, only to be melted into golden bars. 2 Coins can be seen in museums, 1 was previously stolen and now belongs to a private collector. The Double Gold Eagle coin certainly maintains its value due to its historical significance and everyone can see its brilliance, just by looking at it!

T206 Honus Wagner tobacco baseball card – $1,270,000

Said to be the greatest Baseball card collectible of all time! In 2000, the T206 Honus Wagner sold for more than 1 million dollars, and is 1 of only a few Honus Wagner cards still in good condition. When Cigarette Company, Sweet Caporal and Piedmont started giving out packets with Baseball cards, Wagner requested that his card be pulled and this resulted in the card being so rare. If you’re a serious Baseball card collector then you might want to add a Honus Wagner to your collection!

Signed copy of "Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)", George Orwell – $26,000

The most expensive signed book to date! Just after the book was published, its author, George Orwell died in hospital and only signed a few copies. Fans of the author have since been craving to find signed copies, and its rarity has grown stronger and stronger. Nineteen eighty-four is a novel that depicts a dystopian struggle and is one of the authors most successful books. The most expensive copy ever sold has the inscription “For Elly with regards, Geo Orwell” in it. There are numerous signed copies by some of the most celebrated authors like J.R.R Tolkien, and if you can get your hands on one of these books you won’t only have a collector’s item, but also an extremely unique book.

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