Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Rich's Proud Thoroughbreds

The jockey knows the course and the horse beneath him eager to pace his body until it reaches its glory. The glamorous faces around the track are waiting in anticipation to welcome a winner. Then the starting line erupts in speed; as your horse runs swiftly to take the lead. As the finish line comes nearer at every stretch, it is you that will be rewarded when everyone rises with applause…

Living a life of luxury and glamour is all about standing out from the crowd… And what more fabulous way than owning a champion race horse. This week we’re giving you a look at some of the most legendary race horses that have surpassed admiration and have left this tradition with record breaking performances. And with Golden Riviera you too could become a famous champion race horse owner…all you need to do is play!

Champions of the Past

Secretariat - Record: 21 Races - 16 Wins- 3 Seconds - 1Thirds - 1,316,808 dollars

Born in Virginia March 30, 1970, His owner Penny Chenery knew that he was no average horse! Secretariat had a neck as thick as a tree trunk, a back as broad as a table and produced a breathtaking explosion of speed. Those that saw him knew that they were witnessing greatness. Secretariat became the 1973 Triple Crown Champion that earned his owner the unofficial title of “First lady of racing” and was honored with the Eclipse Award of Merit for a lifetime of outstanding achievement in Thoroughbred racing.

Seattle Slew - Record: 17 Races - 14 Wins - 2 Seconds - 0 Thirds - 1,208,728 dollars

Seattle Slew, born in February 1974 and sold for a small 17,500 dollars to Karen and Mickey Taylor, set records and won championships throughout his entire racing career. He had an indescribable special spark and pizzazz that increased the raw talent he displayed as a runner. Seattle slew’s ability to fight through adversity was probably his strongest characteristic that made him the Triple Crown champion in 1977.

Champions of Today

Cigar - Record: 33 Races - 19 Wins - 4 Seconds - 5 Thirds - 9,999,813 dollars

Born in 1990, Cigar was an unstoppable dynamo and most notable for his 16 stakes winning streak. Through unrelenting stamina and a big heart, Cigar became a household name that would grant his racing days with the crown of immortality. The 1990’s became a decade that would not easily be forgotten with a horse like Cigar that came out of the gate straight into the history books.

Smarty Jones - Record: 9 Races - 7 Wins -1 Seconds - 0 Thirds - 7,613,155 dollars

Smarty Jones, born February 28, 2001, is undeniably one of the greatest modern racehorses of today. Owners Roy and Pat Chapman have watched Smarty Jones win race after race until he had to retire. His agility and tactical speed was a clear advantage that made him one of just four undefeated Kentucky Derby winners in history. Smarty Jones showed the grit, the heart of a champion and has blessed his owners by becoming not only a Triple Crown champion, but one of the richest racehorse in history.

Funny Cide - Record: 12 Races - 6 Wins - 2 Seconds - 2 Thirds - 3,204,485 dollars

Funny Cide was born April 20, 2000 and was purchased for 75 000 dollars by Sackatoga Stable in March 2002. A new American classic became the people’s horse when he inspired a nation by knocking off the champions and their multimillion dollar owners when sweeping to the brink of the Triple Crown. With the highest earnings for a New York Bred in history, Funny Cide is a winner shaped by talent and good fortune, but more miraculous for the strong will he represented.

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