Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Rich's Luxury Flying Machines

Imagine arriving at the airport in a lavishing stretch limousine. The driver opens the door and a beautiful lady greets you with the morning paper. In front of you stands a luxurious executive jet. Your mind automatically assumes that the owner might be a famous rocks star or businessman… but then the captain welcomes you as an airhostess presents you with a crystal Champaign flute.
You only realize that this is your executive jet when the captain asks you where you would like to be taken. You pinch yourself and then reply that the Maldives are quit spectacular this time of year……

Boeing Business Jet - Estimated price: $60 million

Travel in the most luxurious aircraft money can buy. The Boeing Business Jet not only offers go-anywhere, go-anytime reliability, but three times the space of any other executive jet. A private office presents exceptional comfort when your entire team needs to be completely productive on the journey to global business destinations. For the frequent traveler the BBJ also offers a private suite with a queen size bed, a full size shower and dining area which matches any extravagant hotel suite.

Gulfstream V-SP- Estimated price: Above $40 million

The Gulfstream V-SP was one of the finest ultra long-range business aircraft ever created. Capable of carrying up to 16 passengers in seated configuration, the V-SP offers exceptional comfort and luxury. Monitors can be mounted on seats with fast internet access that supply exceptional business features. The V-SP is an outstanding executive jet that prompts with space and comfort, but most importantly the sheer magnificence of going anywhere, anytime and at your own schedule.

Bombardier “Global Express” - Estimated price: close to $40 million

Fasten your cufflinks and experience unbeatable style. The Global express not only takes you from capitals to country sides, but rewards your quest with a unique view of the world. Customized interior can be transformed into office space or comfortable lounge and even conference areas. The Global express has space for 8-16 passengers and offers a versatile and innovative experience whether your destination may be for business or leisure.

Bell- Augusta Tiltrotor BA609 - $28 million

Behold the most versatile aircraft in aviation history. The Tiltrotor not only combines the speed, altitude, and comfort of an executive jet, but also the take-off landing capabilities of a helicopter. With a spacious cabin that can accommodate up to 9 passengers, the BA 609 offers superior personal transportation that can reach even the most secluded areas in the world.

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