Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Rich's Eggs-quisite Collectibles

You may have seen them on the big screen, at the centre of a plot to steal one of them in the recent Hollywood movie Ocean’s Twelve, or you may have read about them in the news. Whatever attention they’re attracting, Faberge eggs are the most expensive eggs in the world.

Because Easter is the celebration of resurrection, new life and hopefulness, we thought we’d inspire you with a look at some of the most celebrated and decadent Faberge Easter Eggs. Who knows – Easter could be a time for you to turn over a new winning leaf. All you need to do is play, and you could be the next big winner with Golden Riviera Group! Then perhaps one of these eggs may find its way into your private collection some day…

Coronation Egg

Valued at $24 million

The most famous of all Faberge’s masterpieces, Presented by Tsar Nicholas II to his wife the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna at Easter 1897. The Easter surprise within this egg is a miniature coronation coach, with gold frame, platinum wheels and crystal windows, whilst an Imperial crown with rose diamonds sits on top of the coach.

Lilies of the Valley Egg

Valued at $18 million

One of only two eggs executed in the Art Nouveau style, this exquisite egg is made of enameled gold, rubies and crystal, and covered by a multitude of pearls and rose diamonds. A pearl knob, when twisted, reveals the surprise: portrait miniatures of Czar Nicholas II and his two daughters.

Winter Egg

Valued at $10 million

Imagine an egg made out of engraved rock crystal, decorated with diamond-set platinum frost and icicles to create a visually stunning masterpiece. And for its Easter surprise, a small, concealed diamond-set platinum Easter basket with flowers in gold, garnets, and crystals.

The Cuckoo (Cockerel) Egg

Valued at $7 million

A gift from the Tsar to his mother in 1900, this Easter egg is made of gold, oyster enamel, diamonds, rubies and pearls. When a button at the rear is pressed, the circular pierced gold grille opens and a bird rises crowing on a gold platform, moving its wings and beak, and descends again into the egg once finished.

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