Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Rich's Expensive Hotel rooms - Rooms with a view

When you’re on the move, you’re on the move… high flyers and jet setters are often traveling from one city to the next, and when you’re living life in the fast lane, there’s only one place to rest when you’re away from home: in the lap of luxury – 5-star accommodation that caters for your every need in the style that you’re accustomed to.

So this week, we’ve taken a look at the 5 most expensive hotel suites in the world… not just rooms with a view, but with a view from the very top. All it takes is just one big jackpot win, and you too could have the pleasure of one of these luxurious hotels experiences… all you need to do is play...

1. The Atlantis, Bahamas – Atlantis Bridge Suite: $25,000 per night

In the Bahamas, it’s all about location. The Bridge Suite is located on top of a bridge that connects the two Royal Towers buildings, and overlooks the entire resort and marina. The experience comes with its own butler, bar lounge and entertainment center as well as 12-foot ceilings. The master bedroom has a sitting area, his-and-hers closets, and hand-painted linens. There are also two separate master bathrooms, each with chaise lounges and marble baths.

2. The Martinez Hotel, Cannes – Presidential Suite: $18,000 per night

Experience the luxury of Cannes whilst looking out over the entire bay. Each suite has two bedrooms, a Turkish bath, kitchen, and personal sauna. The wraparound terrace is 2,000 square feet and can comfortably hold 100 people. It also has a Jacuzzi. Included are Bose plasma screen televisions and a DVD library. A private butler is on call 24 hours a day and you have access to the use of a limousine and open bar.

3. The Plaza, New York – Presidential Suite: $15,000 per night

This luxurious two-level Presidential Suite occupies the entire 18th floor of the hotel with two living rooms, a parlor, and a library. Guests also have access to a rooftop area. That's in addition to six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. The suite also has a private wine cellar, four balconies and a staff of maids, a butler and chauffeur with a Rolls Royce. And if you feel like a snack, there's even a private chef on call at any hour of the day.

4. President Wilson Hotel, Geneva Switzerland – Royal Floor: $9,090 per night

Located on Lake Geneva, this suite is indeed spacious – taking up an entire floor. In addition to fantastic views of the beautiful lake, guests of the Royal Floor can gaze through bay windows or from a private terrace at the Alps and the Mont Blanc. The suite also has a spacious living room and elegant dining area. The hotel boasts a security system that is up to par for royalty and the biggest celebrity guests.

5. Hotel Ritz, Paris – Coco Chanel Suite: $4,300 per night

Coco Chanel made the Ritz her home for 37 years, and guests can relish the same garden view from the bathroom or gaze upon the Place Vendôme from one of the two balconies. This luxuriously decorated room in this statuesque hotel is located in the heart of Paris near the Louvre and the Museé d'Orsay and has hosted such famous guests as England's King Edward VII, Marcel Proust, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway.

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