Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Rich's Paradise Awaits You

Your deck chair has been shifted towards the heat of the sun, and your cocktail is waiting patiently to refresh your thirst for absolute relaxation. In the joy of calm surroundings you gaze at the ocean and feel the waves washing away the memory of civilization. As your mind drifts to peaceful shores you come to realize that you are living the life you’ve always dreamt of…on a secluded white sand beach of your own island…

Living a life of luxury and glamour is all about enjoying the more exotic things in life. Owning an island is the ultimate in secluded relaxation. So this week we’re giving you a look at island life and with Golden Riviera Group you too could own your own piece of paradise…all you need to do is play.

Leaf Cay Island, Bahamas - $17,800 000

People like Richard Branson have lived the dream of owning a piece of paradise like Necker Island. Now you can realize your dream! Leaf Cay Island is like a bright colored stepping stone sitting in an emerald sea. Located only 90 minutes from Florida, the area abounds with white sand beaches and exotic scenery. Hidden coves make for luxurious yacht playgrounds and a landing strip provides easy access. There are 18 buildings on the island including a spa and gym as well as luxury villas facing the picture-esque shoreline.

Nakutepipi Island - French Polynesia $8,000,000

When Rod Stewart bought an island in “The World” Dubai, he knew that relaxation was a priceless luxury. Nakutepipi offers calming white beaches which joins with the emerald green shallow water from the lagoon. Delicacies like lobster, King Prawns are an abundant delight for an every day beach picnic. The island is easy accessible by air with its airstrip. The houses and bungalows feature a breathtaking beach view from any angle and the sunsets resemble a celebration of everyday… at the relaxing paradise of Nakutepipi.

Saint Aleixo Island - North east Coast of Brazil $6 000,000

A unique jewel resting in the clear Atlantic waters, St. Aleixo reveals a paradise with sandy beaches and natural splendor. This hidden gem is situated 2 miles off the continent and owners enjoy nine months of sunshine every year. Volcanic rocks, green tropical vegetation and a 1,000 sq. meter mansion make it easy to understand why celebrities like Johnny Depp have obtained their own secluded hide away. Sipping on a cocktail while appreciating the view is what it’s all about and a tropical spa is what you get.

Nagigia Island- Fiji 6 500,000 dollars

Of the coast of Fiji rests a display of beautiful reefs, and has attracted the likes of Mel Gibson, who has found seclusion on the Island of Mago. Nagigia Island is exposed to exquisite reefs and borders a gorgeous aqua blue lagoon. Waterfront Villas provide exclusivity and exotic beaches create a relaxing yet tropical atmosphere. Nagigia Island is the perfect getaway and can be reached by helicopter in only 45 minutes from Nadi International Airport.

A little taste of paradise… Banana Sunrise Cocktail Recipe
2/3 oz Crème de Banana
2/3 oz Piña Colada
2/3 oz Malibu rum
Orange juice

Mixing instructions:Put the ingredients in a shaker and shake them with ice. Pour the drink in a highball (without the ice!) and enjoy the fresh, creamy mix.

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