Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Bentley Continental GT - The Big Brother to the Popular GT Coupe

If beautiful cars make your heart beat faster, please consult your physician before looking at this one. The Continental GT from Bentley comes with a new feeling of power and freedom, being grand touring at its utmost best. The Bentley Continental GT is the fastest four-seat coupe in the world, even it its size and weight. A revolutionary Grand Tourer that offers high torque at low revs. At the heart of its taut, predatory form lies one of the most formidable engines ever built combined with the spirit to break boundaries. The Continental GT brings with it unsurpassed style, comfort, craftsmanship and true supercar dynamics. The only other car close to it, would be it's Coupe version; seen as 2004-6's best millionaire must-have.
The four-wheel drive car offers 550bhp with supreme levels of torque to match, through a six-speed transmission and boasts a six-litre engine with its 12 cylinders, cleverly packed into a two-bank W formation. It can fly off from 0-60 mph in an imaculate 4.7 seconds! The engine is a piece of pure innovation: Instead of using two long lanks of six cylinders, like normal V12s, a 'W' formation was developed, uniquely creating two narrow angle V6 engines. Short but powerful it led to a dominant, purposeful bonnet with minimal overhang.

The cabin has a feeling of comfort and room: This car was design with CEOs and Royalty in mind. The pillarless design provides an uninterupted flow of glass from front to rear, so that true light can fill the cabin. The design of the seating gives the feeling of impeccable attention to detail; rear passengers sit well apart with deeply scalloped recesses for their elbows and tangible extra legroom sculpted into the rear of the front seats. Four people, with their luggage and even four sets of skis can be carried with consummate ease. This due to a clever move of the fuel tank to a mid-position under the car that creates ample legroom and ample boot space.

Only the best wood veneers and premium quality leather is used in the GT. The smell does fill your senses and if there ever was a smell to success, I would guess, this is waht it would smell like. Bentley continues it's partnership with Breitling in the new GT as the centrally mounted analogue clock is by Breitling

The Personal Commissioning principle provided by Bentley Auto ensures that no two Bentleys are alike. Customers can choose from an array of options to customise their Bentley. The specialist division - Bentley Mulliner - caters to the most personal demands and builds a car that is tailored and is a mirror image of the concept in mind.

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