Friday, January 05, 2007

Outrageous Festive Season Gifts pt 02 - FOR THE LADIES

I've just come back from my Holidays, and realised I did not post Pt2 of the Outrageous Festive Season gifts. Here is it now...

The festive season is at full bloom, and the cheer just keeps on growing! I hope you’re having a great festive season so far!

This entry is about some of the most expensive gifts for ladies this festive season. These gifts will make any lady feel very very special! So guys, if you’ve got the budget, here’s the catalogue…

Le Chocolate Collection – $1.5 million

A blend of luxury! What do you get when you take a box of chocolates and add a couple of pieces of jewelry? You get the ultimate gift box containing every lady’s two most favorite things. The Le Chocolate Collection created by Simons Jewelers consists of gourmet chocolates from Lake Forest Confections and a collection of expensive jewelry, which include a necklace, earrings, and a bracelet decorated with precious diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. At first the gift box looks just like any other box of chocolates, but as soon as it’s opened, a display of dazzling jewels come to life, which are of course accompanied by delicious chocolates to add a sweet taste of luxury.

Buckingham Hotel Holiday Package – $75,000

A festive trip for two! If taking your loved one on a memorable trip for two, is what you consider the ideal gift, then the Holiday Package from Buckingham Hotel in New York, will prove most memorable. The 2 day package includes the use of a white vintage Rolls Royce that will take you from the Martinelli Penthouse to anywhere in New York. You can also enjoy a private lunch at the Rock Center CafĂ©, followed by a private skating session at Rockefeller Center. Once you’ve finished expressing your figure skating talents, you then get into a helicopter for a three hour air tour that includes white truffle snacks and spectacular views of the festivities in Rockefeller Center. After the air tour, a couple of gifts will await you in the Penthouse, just as a reminder of the wonderful experience.

2006 Bentley Continental GT – $160,000

A gift that keeps on giving you goose bumps! David Beckham is known for giving Posh a festive car every year, so why shouldn’t every guy with $160 000 to spare do the same? The ultra luxurious Bentley Continental GT is the epitome of coupe engineering and this high performance 6.0 liter W12 552 horse power sportster will make any person scream, faint, wake up, and then faint again, when being presented with a gift like this. The finishes of the Bentley are luscious and will most definitely make the driver feel like royalty each and every time they get behind the wheel.

Vail Blanket Grimaud – $2,850

When she needs more space! The new Vail Blanket Grimaud from Louis Vuitton is big enough to be either used as a handbag or as a piece of luggage. Made from lamb’s wool and cashmere with a black calfskin trim, the bag is certainly a warm and furry item, which could even protect you from a winter chill. Complete with a padlock to keep the contents safe, the bag also has double rolled leather handles that can be held together by a buckled strap, for easy carrying. Louis Vuitton handbags have long been seen as the most desired designer handbags, and this one undeniably adds a little festive cheer to the existing collection.

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