Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some of the Most Expensive Pets in the World!

In this week’s entry we take a look at some of the most pets in the world! If you ever thought of owning a pet with a difference, then all you need is a small fortune, since these rare and wonderful animals are much more than just a bundle of fun!

Hyacinth Macaws – $20,000 a pair

Get a feathered friend! Macaws are known for their big personalities, and the Hyacinth Macaw is no different, apart from the fact that they’re super rare and mighty expensive! Being the largest Macaw in the world, the Hyacinth has a wing span of about four feet, and can grow up to 40 inches long, so you might want to get a very large cage. Decorated in beautiful and bright colors, the Hyacinth Macaws can easily be domesticated, but require all the attention they can get from their new flock. That’s you and your family of course!.

Lavender Albino Ball Python - $40,000

Although it looks like one of the most striking snakes in the world, the Lavender Albino Ball Python with its ruby red eyes, and lavender color and bright yellow pattern, is actually quite harmless and one of the rarest and most expensive snakes in the world. The value of the snake is determined by how pretty the colors are, and you could easily dish out over $100,000 for a pair if you were keen on breeding.

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog - up to $5,000

So ugly it’s cute! The Chinese Crested hairless Dog is an entertaining companion, and also one of the rarest breeds in the world! Because they’re hairless, you’ll need to give them extra attention on a sunny day, as they’re well known to get sun burnt. But being hairless is not entirely a bad thing when you’re a dog, since Chinese Crested hairless Dogs are virtually odorless and flea less!

Savannah Cats - up to $10,000

Hybrid, but still in a league of its own! Savannah Cats are a unique breed between exotic African Serval and smaller domestic cats. The breeding process is extremely delicate and presents many difficulties, which is why these felines are so expensive and rare. Keeping these cats is a fun experience, since they’re extremely active and playful.


Anonymous said...

Went to see the Original Founder of the Savannah Cat breed last summer.

It was a lifetime experience!

Martin and Kathrin Stucki from A1 Savannahs come with the best recommendation and are considered the leader in the field.

My Savannah cat was almost 9 grant but they let me select the nicest of the whole farm!!!

check out their site.

Anonymous said...

I have one from A1 Savannahs too. Prissy was only 1200.-- but she means the world to me. I have only had rescue cats in the past and I would have never thought that I would spend that much money on a Cat before!
Should I ever get rich, I would buy me one of the f1 males.

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