Tuesday, February 13, 2007

International CXT, MXT and RXT: Check out Ashton Kutcher's new ride

So this is why Bush invaded Iraq: So that Republicans can ride in environment-busting, gas guzzlers like these! Owners of these trucks are all tired of their Hummers and wanted to have the biggest truck in town, to either substitute for something, or to reflect their over-inflated egos!

If you were offended by the above, this truck is for you! Careful though, these are just some of the comments passers by will make. Maybe not to your face, but they will in the least, be thinking it.

Hummer met its match with International’s XT Range:

CXT - The first truck to be introduced and still the best seller - Up to $200,000, depending on customizations. Enjoy the DVD theatre in the back seat.

MXT - Created to be lower to the 'sporty' version of the CXT, the MXT sits lower to the ground, has a bit better suspension and fuel consumption, but looks .... well... ugly.

RXT - Build to be longer, with a longer suspension and superior towing power, this baby can pull anything. If you haul your 40ft boat from port to port, International tells you this is the ultimate towing car.

Despite my intro, these trucks are attracting celebrity buyers like Ashton Kutcher (pictured), Nick Lachey and car aficionado, Jay Leno. If this type of 'commercial Monster Truck' is your thing and you don't mind dropping $200 G's on your ride give your local International dealer a call, go test drive the thing, and then go buy a Hummer!

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Anonymous said...

only because you could never buy one but probably slobber all over the photos in the back room while you have your hand on it.

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