Sunday, February 04, 2007

The World Islands, Dubai – My Ultimate Fantasy Spend

If I had a coupla million dollars to discard on a whim, this is what I’d buy: A Private Island in The World, Dubai’s world-shaped, man-made archipelago. Don’t you know what I’m talking about? Watch this video clip, then you’d understand why I am so keen…

See what I mean? This is probably one of mankind’s most ambitious ventures. The end result will be Utopia. My ultimate ambition is to own my own private island with a mega villa on it, but for now, I’d settle for an apartment in Oqyana.


Oqyana will comprise of 19 islands of The World, covering the islands of Australasia (Australia and New Zealand). This will be the closest island grouping to mainland Dubai, and is said to be the first to be finished. It is expected to house about 10,000 people and will comprise of more than 1,650 sea-view apartments and penthouses, a few mansions, 90 ocean front homes, about 170 canal front homes, and two up-market hotels, including a spa resort.


This section will have absolutely nothing to do with this blog’s theme, but definitely fascinates me. I have searched the web in search of more literature about how they create these islands, and have discovered these pictures:

Above: A vessel pumps sand from the ocean floor and deposits in on a heap. The sand is then mixed with fertile ground to keep the sand from washing back into the ocean. A while after vegetation has been added to the soil, they can start with laying the foundations of the buildings.

Above: Google Earth picture of how The World, Dubai is looking right now. As you zoom in, note at the bottom: The ship that sprays the sand!

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Unknown said...

I love to visit Dubai someday. I have watched this man-made islands in national geographic channel, and I was so amaze how it stand out. I strongly believed that they spend a lot with this infrastructure.

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