Thursday, August 03, 2006

Sunglasses of the rich - From Expensive to weird

Hi, since summer is a time of fun and excitement, why not embrace the sun and hit the beach with the best summer accessory…sunglasses. This week’s newsletter brings you a look at sunglasses that will make your summer a more pleasant adventure, and at the same time make you look and feel like a million dollars.

Moss Lipow – 3800 dollars, Ostrich and alligator sunglasses

Sunglasses from the Moss Lipow collection

After an extensive search for a picture of the most expensive sunglasses in America, we gave up only to discover that these sunglasses are just as rare, as they are expensive. Moss Lipow, who’s a designer that designs with attitude, believes that sunglasses should be an extension of your individuality, created a unique pair of ostrich and alligator frames that stirred the fashion world this year. Imagine being one of the few people wearing a pair of frames so unique, so original, but also an individual expression in every way? We wish we could provide you with a picture, since these glasses sound remarkable...and truly defies the norm.

Fendi - 1300 dollars

Sharon Stones Bulgari Frames

Jessica Alba’s Dior Frame

Fendi is an iconic designer label, and the Italians certainly know how to create a fashion statement. If you’re looking to follow the trends, then this style of frames is in season this summer. Sharon Stone got herself a pair of Bulgari Swarovski sunglasses for about 400 dollars, which are hand made and hand painted. Another celebrity that has opted for more trendy frames is Jessica Alba, who went with Christian Dior frames at 450 dollars. Whatever style you’re looking for, there is something for everyone this summer and like the stars, you can too create your own individual look.

Louis Vuitton - Millionaire sunglasses at 1000 dollars

Are you a millionaire in the making? In collaboration with Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs, Pharrel Williams from The Neptunes and Bathing Ape designer, Nigo, have created the most sought after sunglasses this summer. Millionaire sunglasses are clearly inspired by early gangster films, and celebrities are lining up to snatch a pair of what’s soon becoming, the latest fashion trend. Their a timeless classic and Louis Vuitton is certainly on the right frame with these vintage style sunglasses.

Moss Lipow- Price unavailable

Since Moss Lipow believes that sunglasses should be an extension of your individuality, we thought we’d add these frames as well. Their extremely eccentric and add a creative twist. Moss Lipow is sure to be one of the most expressive designers in the industry, and those that seek their own individual look can certainly count on him to provide you with something extraordinary.


The Truth said...

by far my favorites are the Louis Vuitton - Millionaire sunglasses but for that much i would never get them i loose glasses too easy but i found a site that sales vintage glasses thats pretty cool

Anonymous said...

Those Millionaire Sunglasses are so fly but so expensive ill stick to the knock offs.

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