Friday, August 18, 2006

Fitness for the Fabulous and Rich

Hi, I just came from a trip to Vegas and really overindulged myself, since everything in Vegas is bigger and better. So this week I asked the copywriting department to write about my most sought after workout equipment, to help me get my bum in a more acceptable figure! The Power Plate is my favorite since it requires the least effort to get you into shape…

The Power Plate - $9,850

Getting in shape the easiest way! This might look like a flying machine from a futuristic movie, but in fact this is the latest fitness machine business men and those who need to get a quick workout are raving about. Created by a team of experts in the field of sport science and engineering, the Power Plate’s vibration training gives you a full strength and cardio workout that concentrates on all the muscle groups. In less than 10 minutes you can have a concentrated workout session equal to more than three hours of sweating at the local gym.

ROM “The time machine” - $14,616

A complete workout in just 4 minutes! The time machine is a new and innovative exercise machine that uses two exercise stations to target almost all muscle groups. For an effective cardio and strength workout The time machine has been created to maximize the training session through a combination of elements that focus on the muscles you really want to work on. The machine certainly looks unusual, but has gained favoritism among celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Stephen Spielberg as well as the U.S. Olympic Swimming team and promises exceptional results with minimum effort.

The Stepmill - $5,149

Like working out the tough way? This is the easy way to do it! If you’re looking for a challenging workout that celebrities seem to love, then the Stepmill won’t disappoint you. The machine gives a major calorie bum workout and trainers have claimed that users of an escalator type machine can burn about 1,400 calories in per hour. The Stepmill is great for high-tech home training, especially for the fitness enthusiast!

T9e Treadmill - $6,999

Not just an ordinary treadmill. The T9e is made for the home and has 13 workout programs that can be personalized and customized to suit your needs. Complete with a touch screen LCD that includes the option of displaying different running terrains, exercisers not only enjoy a good lower body workout, but also entertainment at the same time. To monitor your training progression, the T9e comes complete with a Polar heart rate monitor system and even a FlexDock shock absorption system to reduce the impact to muscles and joints.

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