Monday, July 10, 2006

What if you could experience the luxury boats that the rich owns?

Imagine sitting on a Luxurious 110 ft. yacht of the coast of Monte Carlo, embracing the good life. The sun is hot and the wind is sweeping through your hair. In the distance, the open sea and that’s when you think to yourself… living a life of luxury and glamour is what it’s all about.

So this time round we take a look at some of the most mysterious and exciting yachts. And with Golden Riviera you too could see the sights of the seven seas in the most elegant way you’ve ever dreamt of.

Trinity Yachts - Zoom Zoom Zoom - Price Unknown

Majestic she sails like a mansion on water! Trinity’s Zoom Zoom Zoom has the type of luxury most land structures can only dream of and got a Show Boats award in 2006, for her truly impressive elegance. Not only is she the fastest in her size (161 ft.) but certainly glides with style as the interior presents the up to 10 guests with smooth curvaceous lines and luxurious spaces, including a Jacuzzi as well as marble bathtubs.

The Wallypower 118 - Price 24.14 million dollars

Luca Bassani’s Wallypower 118 is a WOW-factor speedboat meets super yacht. Not only does it look like something James Bond would drive, but is. The 118 has a CODOG (combined diesel or gas) propulsion system—jet engines for speed, diesels for everything else—common on small warships, but rare on yachts. At a top speed of 45 knots (70 mph.) the 118 it is a breathless thrill with the interior to match, that consists of sleek lines and impeccable finishes. One of the most unique yachts ever built, the 118 is certainly one of a kind.

Wally 80 Indio - Price Unknown

Also known as “The terrace on the sea” the Wally 80 Indio has enough style and flair any sailor could ever dream for. The 80 ft. super yacht is a creation that glides with interior elegance that integrates teak, carbon fiber and white upholstery, but also possesses enough elements to make it sore swiftly through the wind. The Indio is a fast yacht built for speed and style with plenty of comfortable social areas for 6 guests and 2 crew members.

The World Cruise liner - 1,200 dollars per night per 2 people sharing

The World is an adventure similar to luxury yacht ownership. Passengers have the option to either rent a room or purchase a residence. Unique destination and the luxurious life onboard create a living holiday experience where your time is yours to do as you please. Opera, museums, restaurants and shops are available when taking it easy on board The World, and if that’s not enough then exotic view of fjords, mountains, icebergs, deserts, coral reefs and beaches will most definitely make you feel as home - onboard The World.

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