Friday, December 28, 2007

Shamed Big Brother star, Jane Goody gets a £3 million diamond ring from Prince Azim of Brunei

Shamed Big Brother star, Jane Goody got a £3 million diamond ring from Prince Azim of Brunei earlier this month.

Jane Goody and our fav playboy prince, Prince Azim, got to know each other during the notorious Big Brother UK scandal that rocked the headlines earlier this year where Goody was accused of making racist remarks to famed Bollywood star Shipa Shetty. Goody and the Prince both shared the same opinion of the Bollywood star and made public statements to that extent. They have since met and became friends.

Apparently she refused the £3 million diamond ring when Prince Azim offered to her, but we all know that deep inside, she was going “Oh Goody!”

Lame joke, I know...

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Anonymous said...

I was recently contaced by a guy called Jeff Allen of sensible music, claiming to work for this Prince Azim. I run a celebrity pr agency and this guy was trying to get hold of celebritys telephone numbers- supposedly to invite them to Prince Azims birthday party. When i asked for verfication, he couldnt provide it. I knew it was a scam, when he said the royal family would invest in my company as soon as i handed over the email and telephone numbers. Do i have stupid written on my forehead Jeff. I think other people should be warned. GET SOME TYPE OF CONFIRMATION FIRST.

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