Friday, June 01, 2007

Prince Azim of Brunei – When money is no object

Prince Azim of Brunei, 25 year old billionaire playboy spared no expense on his 25th birthday bash. His 200 strong guest list included current stars and those of yesteryear. Celebrities that attended included Jerry Hall, Olivia Newton-John, Faye Dunaway, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and even Pamela Anderson. But the star of the night was Prince Azim’s all time hero, Michael Jackson. The former star was paid $10 million to attend, and not even perform!

Every guest got goodie bags that included iPods, Bose Electronic goods, diamond jewelry and Crème de la Mer face creams that reportedly were worth thousands of dollars.

What a life you could lead if money was not an option! Prince Azim is the son of the Sultan of Brunei and known as the ultimate billionaire playboy; always with a beautiful celebrity on his side. Former dates included beauties like Naomi Campbell (Pictured with him), Mischa Barton and Scarlet Johannson.

He has never been shy to spend on celebrities as I reported in one of my previous posts. Mariah Carey got a $5.4 million necklace and to impress rap star Usher, he reportedly sent him a truck load of goodies that included designer track suits, sneakers, loads of Bling and electronic good worth hundreds of thousand dollars.

To say the least, Prince Azim is living the charmed life.

“Your royal highness, if you are reading this, I have my eye on this little… I promise it won’t cost too much… “ :)


Anonymous said...

how much did he actually spend?

Anonymous said...

can you get a hold of him, and tell him I am in desperate need of money! If he wants to hand some out, to hand some my way if he don't mind.

Diana Hernandez said...

Two years ago I had breast cancer and my two young daughters (barbie & Danielle) were very brave throught it BUT they had to sacrifice a year of their life through my illness and my wish would be to buy a home with a pool for them but I need help with the down payment. Prince Azim could you please help my wish come true with your make a wish foundation. In much appreciation in advance for your consideration. Thank you, Diana Hernandez

Anonymous said...

Price Azim is a huge music fan. My son is a senior music education major featuring in classical music. He plays the timpani and hopes one day to become principle timpanist in the Chicago Symphony. Right now, he is struggling with college tuition. He plans to go to graduate school, Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh PA and then on to get his doctorate. Prince - won't you please help!! He has known since he was 12 years what he wanted to do with his life and you can help. Would you like a private concert? I even invite you to his college to see him perform. Please open your kind heart to this young man. BMA -Columbia South Carolina

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to contact Prince Azim? I have some really great ideas I would love to discuss with him. I know that he loves to help put smiles back on peoples faces and I have a few wonderful ideas for him to help alot of people first then helping myself. I could tell you my sob story but I would rather start by helping others then mysef,(which I am in great need of help myself but I believe if I help others first good things will come my way) I am not just speaking of people I am speaking of aminals also. I any one knows how I may contact the prince I ask that you please email me at
Thank you to everyone in advance for your time and help.
Tampa, FL

Abdul Aziz said...

Prince Azim
Allah has bless you with his unlimited blessings.
Can you consider to donate only
Brunei Dollar one billion to me, so that I can improve the lifestyle of at least one million Muslims, who even do not get two meals a day. They are lucky if they get only one meal.
Will you please consider my request and please Allah, in order to get more HIS blessings.

Abdul Aziz, Tel: +923002420510.
256-Sharfabad, St.# 17, BMCH Soceity, Karachi-Pakistan.

Awaiting your reply.

Bruce said...

God has blessed you, only a little help from you could turn my entire life around.
I hope you get to read this.


Aaron said...

Can someone possibly contact the Prince and let him know that I will soon be auctioning off Michael Jacksons hat that he wore during live events, and most of his videos.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum...Prince Azim

Why don't you donate all the money to all the Masjid-Masjid in Brunei and the people who are poor in Brunei than you spend lots of your money to all the richest celebrities?? At least you got some Pahala for doing all this..

Anonymous said...

Dreamt about him last nite and told him i need money. [**tekidum jaie, only in my dream shall true]

tinkerbellz said...

well...was it too late to read this? just read it now and wonder, if I could get one of Prince Azim's goodie

Anonymous said...

I wonder how earned all of this wealth? Is it come from his daddy? or it was stolen?

Anonymous said...

I wont ask anything big from that so called prince, I think he can afford to fullfill my list of trolley here, I just want 2 high performance alienware pc, Original Adobe Photoshop CS4 DVD (Since it's my ambition to be a good-helpful Bruneian graphic editor), a high speed (than a speed of sound) wireless internet connection, 1 Playstation 3 - 80gb with 3 games (Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4 and 1 optional) and why don't, rumors had said that the families were the world's garage so EITHER Volkswagen Golf GTI or any Daimler Crysler's car. It wont cost much to him. I guarantee that those items not reach BN$1million, £1million and USD$1 yet compared to Mariah's necklace. Blogger, please send this to him. Items are nagotiable. He-he-he.

monaco said...

Dear Prince Azim,i make this request not for myself but for my kids future and to help out my parents. Its only a small amount i request.Expenses like tuition fees,clothes,uniforms,revision books etc,then for my parents,fridge,a bedset,sofa set,fans,tv,cooker,clothes,washing machine.Sad to say they dont half of the items and what they have is pretty worn down.I wish with all my heart i could buy it for them but we can't afford it.Prince Azim if u do read this and wish to help me,help my parents please e mail Like to wish u a belated birthday.By the way my daughter was born on the 27 of July!Take care.

Anonymous said...

Quit begging.

Do you peeople have no pride, or any sense of reality for that matter?

You're all mad.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you people!
Leave him alone!!!

Anonymous said...

I think anonymous (post at 3.54pm) is rather rude. There are many people out there who need help. Whats the shame in requesting? Everyone is doing it in different ways including urself anonymous (3.54pm). I myself help out those in need in a small way.

Anonymous said...

please give me some money so that i can change my life stlye....oooooooooooooooooooooo

Anonymous said...

HAHA.. what is wrong with you commenters? You fawn upon Prince Azim, an undeserving prince who lavishes on his sick obsession, and asking him to :

"Can you consider to donate only
Brunei Dollar one billion to me...
Will you please consider my request and please Allah, in order to get more HIS blessings."

AS IF HE WOULD. Oh, plus a suggestion: he can support his citizens (as un-starry and as un-plastic they may be) and to be remembered as a prince who has placed smiles upon the needy's face rather than being a goofy-looking mistake in the world.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Maybe all the poor beggars should go to his next birthday party and hope the celebritys are more charitable. I hear the gift bags are worth £1,000 alone. I recently read in the daily mirror that Michael Jackson refused an invitation to his 27th birthday party beeing held early June at stapleford manor. Maybe Prince Azim couldnt afford to pay him £5mill this time. It is a recession.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how some can have so much and leave others with so little. Learn about our dealings with the Brunei Royal Family at

Anonymous said...

Brunei's royals lose £50m café chain suit
By Jon Ashworth
A BRITISH businessman has won a £50 million legal ruling against members of the Brunei royal family over a failed attempt to launch a popular US coffee chain in the UK.
Mark Burby, a Jersey-based entrepreneur, is threatening to seize personal assets — including works of art and vintage Rolls-Royces — unless the defendants pay up.
Mr Burby, 37, had been seeking backing for the UK launch of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, a Californian chain that has a cult following in South-East Asia. He was approached by Pengiran Ayub, a cousin of the Sultan of Brunei, and his wife, Pengiran Damit, the Sultan’s sister-in-law, about investing in the venture.
Mr Burby alleges that the money failed to materialise. He first launched legal proceedings in Singapore, where many of the negotiations had been. A judge ruled in favour of the Pengirans, saying the agreement had been between corporate entities, not individuals.
Mr Burby’s company, CBTL Holdings, then launched proceedings against Smart Plus Investment Holdings, registered in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The Pengirans and their business agent, Alice Koo, were named as directors and shareholders of Smart Plus. The BVI High Court has ruled in favour of CBTL and assessed damages at £46.9 million plus costs.
If the damages are not paid, CBTL will seek to have Smart Plus placed in liquidation. The liquidators will have the power to seize personal assets belonging to the directors.
A lawyer for the Pengirans said that the dispute was a matter between companies.
Mr Burby is a well-known personality in Jersey. His helicopter is used for maritime search and rescue and features on the island’s postage stamps.
Mr Burby holds the UK franchise to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf — affectionately known as “The Bean”.
He says the Pengirans approached him in late 2000 with a view to investing £4.5 million (later £7 million) in the venture.
He alleges that the Pengirans and their agent repeatedly reneged on promises to hand over the funds.
Mr Burby said that he had been reassured by the Pengirans’ royal connections. He said: “We’re talking about royals who used their royal status to get us to do business. Then they royally shafted us.”
His expenditure included hiring senior staff, seeking sites and retaining architects.
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.
Mr Burby has promised to pursue the Pengirans “for the rest of my life” if that was what it took to recover the funds. Options include attaching charges to works of art, jewellery and cars. Mr Pengiran is a renowned collector of vintage Rolls-Royces.
Mr Burby had hoped to develop The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf as an expansive chain across Britain. Although he still holds the UK franchise, he says that the barriers to entry are too high and that the opportunity has now passed.

Anonymous said...

salam, i sincerly hope and pray you continue with your generosity and also,dont forget to give out zakkahs which will earn you more good........

Unknown said...

Ancient saying: Spend 1/3rd, save 1/3rd and give away 1/3rd of your earnings as charity.
Charity is giving away to the one in need..
20,000 children die of hunger each day, and about 300 million in need of basic education.
People who have ,need to care and share with those who don't ..
Lets make the world a better place..
Instead of 'What About me..lets begin..'What can I do for the world..?

Anonymous said...

You are blessed. Fortune has showered its torent on you and your family.I am writing this on behalf of the muslem orphants in my community and under our care, to please give a helping hand. for Allah will reward you

Unknown said...

oh generous prince

my name is allwyn r thongchi

i am a big fan of urs.

my blessing to you and yr family

can u credit on my account 004601041145 (icici bank, new delhi (india) some money so that i could buy a house for myself

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Unknown said...

Dear Prince Azim, if Allah had created you some 4,000 years ago, you would had been a prophet of enjoyment. Ride on.. kindly remember me in your kingdom..+2348036053317

Unknown said...

pls dash me on of your numerous houses in Dubai......+2348036053317,

Mike said...

This isn't any form of charity, this is an indulged rich boy indulging himself even further. He has to pay people to attend his party. That is so sad. i guess he doesn't have any real friends. I wonder if Usher, Michael Jackson and co would be seen dead with him if it wasn't for his riches.

Instead of wasting such a ridiculous amount of money on such a frivolous exercise, he could have had a wonderful party and used some of that money for good.

All you people grovelling for money, get some self-respect. Money not earned is not worth it. As you see from this profligate wastrel.

If you need money, earn it.

Anonymous said...

assalum allaikkum prince, the most blessed of all muslims all over the world. if u just get a closer look at some the poor brethern across the world it is heart rending every where, no i dont want to take out the happiness from u but it is a request that in your spendig just take out a 5% towards charities.

Unknown said...

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